View and Download DIGITECH HOTROD manual online. HOTROD pdf manual download. There isn’t too much more to say on that and because of this the manual really isn ‘t needed. SOUND QUALITY The sound of the DigiTech Hot Rod Rock. Your local DigiTech / Johnson Sales and Service Office or. Harman Music Group HOTROD – Based on a Mesa Boogie Mark II C. tweeD – Based on a ‘

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It provides three types of distortion, and if you’re like me, soon you’ll be tired with it. Page of 12 Go. I have not tried it on my tube amp, but on my old Roland cube 60however, not terrible, it sounds the fire of God. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the high frequency content, and counter-clockwise to decrease the high frequency content.

Arion pedals are sometimes under 20 dollars. Sort by most recent most useful. There are settings for a classic distortion: It is not a clear either.

Digitech HOTROD Manuals

I highly recommend it. It is not a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box foot pedal. Page 10 Battery Replacement 1. This pedal has a variation of distortions built into it. I bought another one tomorrow without hesitation if I were the flies.

Turn this knob clockwise to increase the amount of distortion, and counter-clockwise to decrease jot amount of distortion. I put manuall because nothing and no one is perfect, but I am tempted to put 10! Controls the boost or cut of high frequencies. When you turn on the LED lights for seconds indicating the initialization of dibitech game.


Simply turn the knobs unit you are happy with the sound and thats really all there is to it. Output with HP emulation console for live or recording not tried and a classic amp output.

rpd This pedal is great! Excellent value for money. The icing on the cake is a “morph” which gives specific colors to the sound from when the Rat in the Fuzz Face through the DS1. The only thing I don’t like about is if you put batteries in it runs them down in about two hour and you can’t turn it off.

Request a new review. The hot rod is nice and very useful little sharp and the sound suffers bypass, low noise and absolutely reliable, and consuming battery. I did not find her oht displeases me.

Stangely, mine crapped out from standard foot-tapping. I had a dozen distos, so I can compare. This pedal makes me want to play for hours, and that changing the hto not required to retouch the gain or volume systematically. It is unbeatable in its price range for the effectiveness of controls, sound quality, ease and flexibility.

I bought this pedal from my local music store, Roseavers. The two outputs give you the following options: And with that I can find any vigitech of rock!

I absolutely love it, it is my favorite pedal! Don’t show me this message again. Don’t have an account? So you can leave your stereo sound. It’s supposed to be three times as heavy as the standard distortion pedal.

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Later, I found the non-X Series version for 65 dollars, but mine’s supposed to be better. The price certainly makes this pedal an attractive option, but I would urge those interested in a distortion pedal to look elsewhere and try out some of the pedals that Boss has to offer, as they sound better and are comparable in price.


The pedal is made from some pretty strong metal that will last a pretty long time. There isn’t too much more to say on that and because of this the manual really isn’t needed.

But at Digitech is not a surprise. Gain amount of distortion effect It’s a great buy! This pedal is amazingly clear and clean in sound control. I really appreciate that to change the gain does not change the noise level, as is too often the case.

Socket for standard AC transformer. No need for an equalizer or compressseur side to make it sound good. I think that for digital products-especially modellers group is that it goes as smoothly and not extensive analysis alone in his corner. So traveling Light Coats and less stressed!

Another special touch of Digitech: Push the pin on one side hlt the tip of a jack, and the cover rolled onto its side. While easy to use, the tones aren’t professional sounding enough and it doesn’t provide enough punch for me. The high-ended distortion adds nicely on guitar solos and even can be used to emphasis on select notes and choruses.

I’ve had a lease, never the slightest concern, but eats battery power supply therefore mandatory. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.