Architectural Acoustics by Peavey has introduced the Digitool MX, a multipurpose digital signal-processing and routing device. It’s not just a. User Manual Digitool MX Intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product s enclosure that may be of sufficient. Description. The Digitool MX represents the latest in state-of-the-art digital audio processing, with an advanced DSP engine and powerful configuration tools.

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This will either take you to an appropriate screen or enable additional options within the display. VCA s inserted prior. All are accessible from the Mix panel view.

Peavey Digitool MX Digital Signal Processor DSP | eBay

rigitool The corner frequency is adjustable up to The Route View allows the user to quickly determine the signals that dogitool mixed to a particular output channel.

In this mode, a banner will appear in the graphics display, and any movements digihool the front panel controls will cause a password entry screen to appear. RCA and 3 pin More information. This screen gives a graphical representation of unit configuration and parameter settings. When the channel one gate threshold is reached and Priority is enabled, the selected override channels will be attenuated by an envelope set by the channel one gate attack, decay and floor settings.

The control options for Line mode are Sensitivity and Trim. Frequency response curves for a range of parametric sweeps.

User Manual. Digitool MX

They are 40, 2. These controls are used to adjust the settings of the displayed effect. If the outlet used does not have a ground pin, a suitable grounding adapter should be used and the third wire should be grounded properly. An option menu will appear which allows the djgitool to either set the unit’s password or to lock the screen. The attenuation range is to 0 dfs. The top encoder sets the gate s turn-on threshold.


Digitool usually detects bad data or communication errors. This panel allows for configuration of the input hardware. Response curves for the 5-band paragraphic EQ. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover.

The frequency range of the sine wave generator is 10 to 20 k. To prevent the risk of shock or fire hazard, always be sure that the mixer and all associated equipment is properly grounded. Software Control Panel 12 8.

Peavey Digitool MX Digital Signal Processor DSP

Refer to these sections in the following pages of this manual for a detailed description. The Priority function is implemented via the channel one gate. There are two different views depending upon whether Mic or Line is selected. The output of this process feeds the matrix for the associated channel. Read and keep these directions Heed all warnings Follow all instructions Do not use this apparatus near water Digitol.

The diagram below digiyool the DriveRack PA in the signal chain of a typical sound system. The Digitool will enter secure mode by choosing Lock Screen from the key option menu. When using electric products, basic cautions should always be followed, including the following: Enjoy your music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth enabled.


Patents,,,and All hardware and software variables are reloaded. No part of this More information.

Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Panel view for the utility load function.

User Manual. Digitool MX – PDF

Frequency, Q and Type see figures 5a and 5b. Once the proper communications port is selected, you can open a source file for download from the PC to Digitool. The output gain of the compressor is adjusted via the bottom encoder. All functions can be accessed and manipulated through the 64 x pixel onboard display or the Digitool Utility for Windows. Advanced User Tips More information.

Specifications and design subject to change without notice. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Completely upgradable through a standard serial connection to a PC, the Digitool MX allows the system designer to upgrade to the latest version without removing the unit from the rack and disassembling the chassis. This signal, when digitooll, is mixed with the normal audio signal flow for each channel.

The graph of figure 7b shows multiple curves for varying gain settings with the frequency set for 5 k. Please read this manual carefully for a through explanation of the Decimator ProRackG and its functions.