If you have never heard of planting in an earthbox, you are probably Simply put , earthbox planters are self-watering containers that have a Landscape Ideas What Is A Wicking Bed – DIY Wicking Bed Ideas For Gardeners. The system is similar to commercially sold EarthBox or GrowBox planters, which are pretty pricey but don’t require you to keep watering them. I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! These boxes are easy to make and you will save tons of money, not to mention having the best bounty of.

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I myself think plastics are easy but do we need the health concern? Build your own EarthBox March I also have a love earyhbox sports and Baseball is on top, reading, so yes that is included too.

Self-contained, so you can garden even without a plot of land to till. Earyhbox these steps to create your own fabulous EarthBox click images to enlarge and read descriptions:.

Another site mentioned concerns about using PVC piping. Hi Deb, I purchased the ceiling grates from Warthbox Depot a hardware storeand I would think most large hardware stores would carry them. Jeanene September 7, at 7: Attach to the screen with plastic wire connectors and cover screen with landscape fabric. Do you worry about the plastic chemicals leaking into the soil? I line them with landscape fabric to keep soil out of resevoir. Is there a more organic option? I use the piece of plastic you cut out from the center of the roughneck top.


I let the tomatoes go up both sides…. I have the freedom to modify any of the components. It’s my hair color! About two feet of 1″ pipe and 6 pieces 6″ long of ” pipe. September 29, No comments. Hi, I read your blog on a regular basis. Then for the wicking containers, we used 3 sections of black drain tubes with holles drilled into the bottom.

This is a concern I have considered, but have not yet found an alternative. What a great idea thank you.

Build your own EarthBox

A sheet of rigid grate I used plastic ceiling grate. And you might ask “why WinterWheat?

Real Estate Broker as well in Arizona. This could be our new method! Please try again later.

Like most others I have seen, we used a 3 inch PVC pipe for watering. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

There are several sites with photos of this setup. Only use roughneck containers as others doy not work as well.

I got all the specs for the earthboxes from my mother who has several, but I wanted a more economical way of making them since they are a little pricey for me.

Last year we tried a loose variation of the square-foot gardening method with built-in beds. I have used this system for 3 years. As for the staking issue, I got some babybed rails from the dump, turned them on end, added T legs to the bottoms and set them across the tubs in the middle.


Water in the pipe does keep them hydrated a heck of a lot longer than in the regular beds. Matt Ramsey November 4, at 5: Click here to cancel reply.

Everybody is talking about how harmful they are and how everybody is contaminated with the stuff. I am sorry for the delay in response first of all.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself | Winterwheat

Get Updates Get the latest Cultivating Conscience news delivered right to your reader or your inbox: Jeanene September 6, at 8: If so, can you recommend a substitute? I live about 50 miles from the nearest home depot and lowes so I wanted to check before I made a trip that far. I am a Mastr gardner and certified Nurseryman warthbox I love that u have made gardening accessable to all. They have been eafthbox for us as well! We used an old chair mat cut to size eartnbox holes drilled in it.

Our tomatoes are doing so good everyone thinks we know a secret. Everything we plant in the earth boxes we build grows like crazy! If anyone else has any great ideas, please share…. Thank you for visiting Winterwheat! I do have one question, where did you get the mesh ceiling tiles?