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Testo consolidato del Decreto Legislativo 93/ PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 26 (Attuazione nuova Direttiva PED /68/UE) e Decreto / dm 04 testo pdf download. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for dm 04 testo pdf download. Will be grateful for any help! Top. /sostanze-e-miscele-modifiche-al-testo-unico_ mappatura-dmnuovo-servizio-sicurezza_ .

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This standard specifies the safety requirements for the design, construction, set-up, operation and maintenance including installation, dismantling and transport of integrated manufacturing systems.

The requirements of this standard apply to any power-driven metal-forming machine that changes the shape or the direction, or both, of materials by use of rolls, rotary forming dies, and associated tooling. Standard merged with B The requirements of this standard apply to any power-driven machine designed for bending pipe, tube, and shapes by means of bending dies, clamp dies, pressure dies, mandrels, wiper dies, vertical bending punches, radius dies, wing dies, and associated tooling.


dm 04 testo pdf file – PDF Files

This standard defines technical principles to help designers in achieving safety in the design of machinery. Mar 20, Tale specifica si… Leggi tutto. Also excluded are pointers and roll formers, unless they are an integral part of the basic machine. The use of personal protective equipment is recommended, where applicable, but its use does not negate provisions of this Standard.

It describes the hazards generated by such machines and states the protective measures to be incorporated into such machines. Very little technical revision occurred to produce the ISO standards, which were then merged without any technical revision into a single ISO standard – ISO Nov 20, The requirements of this standard apply only to those mechanically-powered machines commonly referred to as cold headers and cold formers, which perform many operations such as shearing, heading, upsetting, extruding, trimming, forming, cold working, or warm forming material by means of tools and dies.

This standard provides performance requirements for the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the safeguarding listed below when applied to machines.


dm 04 testo pdf download – PDF Files

Also, this standard does not apply to honing machines, lapping machines, polishing machines or belt grinding machines. These machines are commonly referred to as metal powder presses, powder metal presses, compacting presses, pill presses, rotary PM presses, PM briquetting presses, powder metal forging presses, metal powder sizing presses, or metal powder coining presses.

This standard specifies safety requirements for the design, construction, operation and maintenance including installation, dismantling, and transport of the general class of manually controlled horizontal and vertical spindle turning machines.

The requirements of this standard apply to those combination, d.m.329 powered machines that punch, shear, notch, cope and form metal or other materials commonly referred to as ironworkers.

This standard also provides performance requirements for complementary equipment and measures, safe work procedures, and safety functions.

Ancient history

This standard applies to those mechanically, hydraulically, hydra-mechanically, or pneumatically powered shears used to cut material by shearing and which utilize a fixed blade s and non-rotary moving blade s. Salute e sicurezza sul lavoro del personale hotel a bordo delle navi INAIL Il quaderno, rivolto al personale di hotel a bordo delle navi, vuole fornire una guida sulle buone pratiche e una serie di raccomandazioni per lavorare in salute e sicurezza.

This standard applies to machines with a work envelope equal tezto or greater than two cubic meters 2 m3 or two meters of linear axis travel, or where personnel are regularly required to enter into the working envelope to perform work or tasks.

Dic hesto, Excluded from the requirements of this document are: The requirements of this standard apply to those horizontal hydraulically powered presses that extrude metals by means of applying sufficient pressure to an individual metal billet, confined within a container, to force the metal to be extruded through the configured openings of a die.

This standard applies to all stationary grinding machines, used in either industrial or commercial applications, that utilize an abrasive product to change the shape, size or surface finish of any material. Feb 07, This standard applies to large machines with a working envelope greater than two cubic meters meters of travel.


The standard also contains requirements for the information provided with such machines. Excluded from this standard are: Excluded from the requirements for this standard are: Set 15, Documenti Legislazione CLP consolidato. Other industry sectors may benefit from applying this standard. Norme armonizzate – Lista. The requirements of this standard apply to those mechanically or hydraulically powered machine tools that are designed, modified, or converted for the compressing of metallic or non metallic powders.

Excluded from the requirements of this standard are: This standard applies to machine tools using a laser for processing materials, and its associated equipment. Documenti Legislazione Guide marcatura CE. This standard does not deal with damage to domestic animals, property or the environment.

Ott 20, Nov 22, The requirements in this standard apply to all large machines, unless they are specifically covered in or by another standard. Menu Certifico Safety Software certifico. Ago 24, X sono il riferimento tecnico per la sicurezza delle macchine nel mercato americano. Dic 19, The requirements of this standard also apply to those single or multipurpose powered machines similar in construction to, and identical in the use of, an ironworker or portions thereof.

This standard applies to machines, and groups of machines arranged in production systems, for processing strip, sheet, or plate metal from a coiled or non-coiled configuration through machines that size or otherwise convert the metal into desired configurations. Included are pointers and roll formers when they are mechanically an integral part of the basic machine.

Alligator shears; bar shears; billet shears; manually powered machines; nibblers; portable hand tools; portable machines; power press brakes; power presses; and power shears. This type of equipment generally has the ram in a horizontal position.