Create a parser:: parser = () Several optional arguments may be passed to modify the parser’s behavior. Please see. reStructuredText (RST, ReST, or reST) is a file format for textual data used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. It is part of the Docutils project of the Python Doc-SIG ( Documentation. RST is a file format formely created by Python community to write documentation (and so, is part of Docutils). RST files are simple text files with lightweight syntax.

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Text enclosed by double-backquotes is treated as inline literals: Many of the symbols used are not encodable in certain common text encodings such as Latin-1 ISO And as far as I can tell from the specs, ReST solves most of the problems I have had with structured text.

Paragraphs and inline markup:. Here are examples of incorrectly formatted bullet lists: Table of Contents The title may span lines, although it is not recommended: Directives are indicated by an explicit markup start “. Two forms of URI are recognized: The following testimonials are excerpts from unsolicited posts to mailing lists and the comp.

All measures consist of a positive floating point number in standard non-scientific notation and a unit, possibly separated by one or more spaces.

Quick Syntax Overview A reStructuredText document is made up of body or block-level elements, and may be structured into sections. Problems of ambiguity due to conflicting duplicate implicit and explicit reference names are avoided by following this procedure: For inline formulas, use the “math” role. Xocutils will be called with the filename, line, col, and type of any error found during parsing. In that case, that line of text is parsed as a continuation line.


Pages with login required references or sources All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Wikipedia articles in need of updating from May All Wikipedia articles in need of updating. Once isolated, each table cell is treated as a miniature document; the top and bottom cell boundaries act as delimiting blank lines. The backslash is removed from the output. Michael and Jon are our widget-wranglers.

There may not be a blank line below the header row separator; it would be interpreted as the bottom border of the table. Sidebars are like miniature, parallel documents that occur inside other documents, providing related or reference material.

For example, all three of the following docjtils targets refer to the same URI: This is exactly docuttils to: Language-dependent boilerplate text will doutils used for the title. For options with no option arguments. Movies, albums, books, photos, court cases, and laws are possible. Used to reserve space or scale the image vertically.

The directive’s sole argument is interpreted as the sidebar title, which may be followed by a subtitle option see below ; the next line must be blank. Substitution references are replaced in-line by the processed contents of the corresponding definition linked by matching substitution text. Any programmer can learn the basics in 15 minutes or less. Docutkls markup start-strings and end-strings are only recognized if the following conditions are met:.


The first line docjtils the field name marker determines the indentation of the field body.


In most use cases, inline literals docutilz literal blocks are the best choice by default, this also selects a monospaced font. This is the first.

Incidentally, I’m docuti,s excited about reST. During instantiation, the following instance variables are set: And it really is very very easy to write documents in it. Topics, and therefore tables of contents, may occur anywhere a section or transition may occur. Becomes the body of the literal block.

List item bodies must be left-aligned and indented relative to the bullet; the text immediately after the bullet determines the indentation.

Converts the argument into an integer. It’s not easy being green Each section title automatically generates a hyperlink target pointing to the section.


For example, if doctils or more sections have the same title such as “Introduction” subsections of a rigidly-structured documentthere will be duplicate implicit hyperlink targets.

One, required the title text. Literal block Fully minimized form: Support is limited to a subset of LaTeX math by the conversion required for many output formats. Block quotes consist of indented body elements: