From an ice cream van to Dragons’ Den – the autobiography of self-made multi- millionaire Duncan Bannatyne. Anyone Can Do It has ratings and 51 reviews. Wassima said: This is the first biography I have read and i am definitely going to keep on reading some. Duncan Walker Bannatyne, OBE (born 2 February ), is a Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. His business interests include hotels, health.

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Terry Gilliam remembers how he would go into a restaurant and suddenly disappear: I want more for my family and I than my parents gave me, which does not imply that what they gave wasn’t good enough, I just want more and different. Retrieved 12 October I have always found him a little rough, and his bio seems to back that up.

Duncan Bannatyne – Wikipedia

However, you must get past the me, me, me and I, I, I writing style. He outlines the key attributes you will need and how you can develop them to achieve your dreams. Sometimes gets a bit over “I donate! Time remaining — day s — hour s — minute s — second s. Retrieved on 28 March And it was food that brought Si and Dave together.

Most pupils owned a bicycle so he resolved to earn the money to buy one for himself. He also surfedpartied and met his first wife on the island.

Anyone Can Do It: My Story – Duncan Bannatyne – Google Books

Sep 13, Richard Flewitt rated it liked it. The book is well written and takes you on a journey of business knowledge and personal endeavor. But one-by-one they fell by the wayside as the risks they took ended in bankruptcy. Her parents’ vast social circle included royalty, film stars, senior service officers, politicians and celebrities.

Sep 23, Elka Ritchie rated it really liked it. Fair to say it was very enjoyable and enlightening on his business career.


It will give you the confidence to make your ambitions a reality, and teach you how to focus on the things that count. In a series of short chapters, illustrated with examples from his extraordinary career in business, Duncan will show you how to make quicker, better decisions and how to make things happen – fast.

I only read this book because I’d seen the bloke on Autobioography and thought he came across as someone with a story to tell – I was proved right with this book – he had absolutley nothing to start with so to have achieved what he has done completely from scratch was bannatune to be a story – well worth reading and what I would call ‘an easy to read’ book.

Like any autobiography, you have the impression that the author might be hiding some of the more troublesome parts of his business. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Michael Fallon, Minister for business”. Time – unlike money, opportunity or good looks – is the one resource that is allocated equally to all of us. Really inspring and moving especially his charity work. If you are content in your own life it probably won’t. Coming from a working dnucan background, I was often told by my mother and step father not to get ideas above my station and received constant digs about them never being good enough all because I wanted more from my life.

Bannatyne’s drive in business and his commitment to Best known for his role in BBC’s “Dragon’s Den”, entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne tells his story from his childhood in Scotland up to and the fifth season of Dragon’s Den.

Our Authors See all Authors. I was slightly bemused by how he is very keen to invest in businesses yet did not bqnnatyne to want to invest in trying to save his marriage to Gail.

They were in the 7th floor stairwell when the autobiograpyy fell, and Pitch and a handful of survivors woke to find themselves buried on the landing of floor 2. This book gives you courage, that you too can also become successful. I like biographies, and although I am not as big a fan of Duncan Bannatyne as I am of other entrepreneurs the way he made himself by starting with nothing and reinvesting each time he made money is how he has got where he is, and while I don’t think ‘anyone’ can do it, a lot of people could follow his example.


I spied it on my brother-in-law’s bookshelf and picked it up for some reason. Duncan wasn’t my favourite dragon before I read his story, but now I am a fan.

I found this book is truly inspiring and insightful. Unfortunately he had a dishonorable discharge from the Navy at the age of 19 when he threw a fellow officer from a boat landing jetty. He survived working on the Burma Railway after being captured by the Japanese following autobiograpby Fall of Singapore.

Anyone Can Do It

In Aprila week after signing a dyncan to The Daily Telegraph supporting the Conservative Party in the General Electionhe reversed his position, and pledged his vote to Labour, praising leader Ed Miliband ‘s “courage” in pledging to scrap non-domiciled tax status. Most pupils owned a bicycle so the young Duncan resolved to earn the money to buy one for himself. I wish I had read this several years earlier.

Bannatyne’s drive in business and his commitment to the Charities he supports is evident throughout, and he is frank about his personal relationships.

Duncan Bannatyne

Not a Member Yet? Can anyone do it? He called her bluff by returning with names, but later reflected that it would have been more entrepreneurial to have sold the list.