The EAA Workbench. Plans for this workbench are available online at: WWW. Chapter members created the bench homebuilders can’t . Fully assembled work table. EAA Chapter Standardized Work Table Plans 1 of 4. 5/8/ I’ve heard (and seen on some builder’s sites) some of the EAA Workbenches, and I thought that would be a good first workbench. I’ll use.

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I would say adding that decreased the temperature in my garage in the middle of the summer woribench 10 degrees. Look closely, and you can see my cornhole boards supporting some old laptop speakers. I’d forgotten how hard it was to surf thru and find enough straight 2x4s!

April 9, at The dog loves the carpet! I have most of my thoughts about systems and things on the design page if my site.


Note the picture on the plans doesn’t show the “lip” I’ll post some pics later Thomas. Here is what I built. That’s the only error I found.

Do you have the plans for the tables you built?

Find all posts by larrynew. I bought all the material to make the table, but didn’t get a chance to build it last night since it was 9pm. I built a second one.

This site uses cookies. FYI, my dollies with locking wheels still slide when pushed on, even if the wheels are locked. March 24, at 9: The smaller one is great to put your bench grinder, sander, table band saw and vise on.

EAA workbenches –

I find myself wanting more work surface. I have pictures on my builders site. December 13, at 8: Don’t know if the plans reflect that or not. Send a private message to JDBoston. I would and did change a few things Workbenc for putting this online so I could find it! Send a private message to NWR.


Sturdy and level and solid. October 9, at Yeah, the general idea was to not overprime.

Checking for Flat Workbench Top

Smaller shelves on the SE wall and more pegboard. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Figuring I’d be replacing the top a few times during the project, I secured it down with some countersunk screws. It seems like I saw somewhere on someone’s page an interesting way to level the legs – adjustable legs of some sort – anyone done this?

I need to get out into the garage tonight. Send a private message to walkman. Can anyone point me to a suitable DIY workbench? Find all eas by Skykingbob.