Horacio Castellanos Moya (born ) is a Salvadoran novelist, short story writer , and El asco, Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador, (Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador, English translation by Lee Klein published by New. Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya the three other books by Moya that Bolaño had read, he deemed El asco. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San.

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I read this during the course of a day when, well, yep. All of us, at times, might have a moment for expressing our rants. I’ve not read Bernhard.

While there, he meets with the author and harshly criticizes every aspect imaginable of the Salvadoran capital: But this review is supposed to be about this novel, which is a good one. Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador. Mostly, I found myself thinking that I’d really rather just read Bernhard. El Corazon Helado Almudena Grandes. For two decades he worked as editor of news agencies, magazines and newspapers in Mexico, Guatemala and his own country.


The protagonist in Revulsion is a Thomas Bernhard-esque character who returns to El Salvador after eighteen years to deliver a page diatribe against the country.

An interesting contrast is that in Bernhard’s novels, one rarely even wanders near sexuality, neither positi Another great work by Moya.

This book was good. Another great work by Moya. Sadly, very few people in El Salvador have read Bernhard, and fewer still have a sense of humor.

Horacio Castellanos Moya – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is my second Moya, and while I’ll persist and read more, I’ll be looking for the longest he’s written, hoping that with more attention over more pages, he’ll rise a little above the clever. Obviously, this rant did or I would asdo be writing about it.

It isn’t something I am accustomed my own country, in general, caring two hoots about. El hombre que amaba a los perros Leonardo Padura Fuentes. Thank you Lee Klein. The way I look at all this discussion above of who did what and if it is meritorious or not comes down to simply whether or not it has its own voice and if the subject is interesting. View all 13 comments.

Horacio Castellanos Moya

Currently he teaches creative writing and media in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Iowa. He left El Salvador that March, but did not go back to Canada for school. It is short enough pages to be read in one or two sittings. Other books in this series. Lee allowed me the opportunity to read this work before he found a publisher for it.


Crazy talk is crazy talk. When Axco read Thomas Bernhard I hear his voice, and what he speaks of is instructive and tantalizing. That household needs to be Bernhardized. Horacio Castellanos Moya born is a Salvadoran novelist, short story writer, and journalist. Una maravillosa bomba este libro.

I wrote [ Revulsion ] in —97, in Mexico City, as an horacioo in style: Thomas Bernhard, complaining about pupusas instead of coffee-cake. May 28, Amari rated it it was amazing Shelves: He wrote sympathetically about the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, a political party that formed following the Salvadoran peasant massacre. Contemporary Fiction English Language: