El doceavo planeta zecharia sitchin pdf. Free Pdf Download The most common would be a conventional dial-a-yield warhead between kt to kt. there is. Buy El doceavo Planeta – Painting from Lourdes González for ,00 USD on , with free shipping and return worldwide. The 12th Planet has ratings and reviews. Whitney said: A friend recommended Sitchin to me, and at first I sort of laughed because of how the me.. .

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I suppose the scenario is plausible, although I have misgivings about certain aspects, including the technology, and the possible cause of the Deluge. BakuAzerbaijan SSR. He just happens to be there and he created the world rl 7 days.

Dec 22, Owlseyes rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Abode of the Gods, their legacy discloses, was within our own solar planets. Sitchin stretched his mind East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Please try again later.

Man – the “Primitive Worker” – is fashioned by Enki and Ninhursag. The history I learned in school never did feel right to ell. Whether you choose to believe any of it or not is irrelevant, the fact is, only a handful of people in the world are able to read these tablets.

Now a doceav scholar has come forth with a theory that is the most astonishing of all. When from the Heavens for assembly you shall descend, There shall be a restplace for the night to receive you all.

Zecharia Sitchin – Wikipedia

About 1,00, years pass by, and the workers at the gold mining facility revolt and complain to Anu about the never-ending hard work in the dark depths of the mines. In some instances, the search for knowledge has al One of the problems of most historic disciplines has been tunnel vision. I would call it a cross between historical fiction and sci-fi. Now, I know better.

Give me a break! In order to do this he interprets the Babylonian theogony as a factual account of the birth of the other “eleven” planets. Some points are interesting- some points are plausible- and some points leave you scratching you head saying Start reading The 12th Planet on your Kindle in under a minute. I suppose that fits with all the smiting, seductions, angels of wrath, wars, exclusivity etc, that plqneta religions and faiths.


Sumeria pkaneta the father off all our civilization. The Gods, fled the earth during the Deluge in spacecrafts, and when the earth was being devastated by unthinkably massive floods, were sky-born and pressed against the glass-windows of the rockets looking down, unable to control their emotions seeing the race they had created themselves getting wiped out.

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Mankinds alphabet, vocabulary, legends and science. The 12th planet was then caught by the Sol’s gravity, and settled into a large elliptical orbit.

In Velikovsky’s case, these interplanetary collisions were supposed to have taken place within the span of human ek, whereas for Sitchin these occurred during the early stages of planetary formation, but entered the mythological account passed down via the alien race which purportedly evolved on Nibiru planwta these encounters.

After an Anunnaki mutiny deriving from the laborious mining operations the leaders answered the plea, the result was the genetic manipulation of the savage Homo erectus with the genes of the Gods Nefilim resulting in the creation of a primitive worker, Homo sapiens – modern man.

By weaving together the biblical narrative with Sumerian and Babylonian clay-tablet texts, doceaov challenges the established notions of the origins of Planea and mankind, and offers a compelling alternative history and prehistory of both.

The gods can cross galactic distances, but by the time they get to Peru, their spaceships are imagined as World War II prop jobs that need an enormous landing strip. Sumerian, of course, is the virtual archetype of what linguistic taxonomists call a language-isolatemeaning a language that does not fall into any of the well-known language-families or exhibit clear cognation with any known language.

The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru’s moons, was pushed into a new orbit and became today’s planet Earth. Books by Zecharia Sitchin. There are some parts in the books that doceao some of the questions I had in the past and it makes me wonder. Most revealing to me was just how much older our earthly civilization really is, predating the canonical Bible by thousands of years. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

However, my Catholic faith still says that there is some fiction fantasy in it but I will not argue which parts. Many Anukaki worked in harsh work conditions until thjey finally rebelled. Alford admits he initially became “infatuated” with Sl hypotheses but later became a critic of Sitchin’s interpretations of myth.


Zachariah Sitchins books are doceavvo with actual translations of Ancient Cuniform clay tablet writings.

Finally, as Graham Hancock —the famous author- says: The first out of pages, give or take 10, are Sitchin’s observations and interpretations of Ancient Texts, building his argument slowly and deliberately. But god damned this is such a fun read. Learn more about Amazon Prime. These episodes are broken by war, natural disaster, and other calamity. Back wheh the solar system was just forming and the planets had different names.

The first book of the revolutionary Earth Chronicles series offers indisputable documentary evidence of the existence of the mysterious planet of N Over the years, startling evidence has been uncovered, challenging established notions of the origins of life on Earth – evidence that suggests the evidence of an advanced group of extraterrestrials who once inhabited our world.

The author’s fascinating claims of ancient astronaut visits to Earth, a twelfth planet in our solar planetta and the origin of the human species are incredible but supported by ancient texts discovered in Mesopotamia dating to circa BCE. Who were these Sumerian gods? But what if the God of Adam and Eve actually came from an unknown planet? To fully enjoy this book, you have to shake off all stereotypes and just absorb the words doceaco the page, and if you’re able to do that, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy what you’re reading.

But the same text continued to say that “he surveys the lands like Shamash [the Sun]. See dpceavo discover other items: Explore the Home Gift Guide. A microscopic focus on one particular area, region, problem and no grand horizon or synthesis of other disciplines or knowledge.

The author develops at length the minuciae of the “production” of a working man by genetic engineering, and offers alternative readings of the biblical Deluge, this time around including the “gods” within the plot, and relating also the whole chronology with climatological changes in the planet.