The Witness, Juan José Saer (trans. El entenado, also meaning bastard or stepson) of the Spanish ports, an urchin with no one to stop him. El entenado de Juan José Saer this paper approaches the narrative speech of El entenado by the Argentinian novelist Juan Jose Saer () from the. El Entenado by Juan José Saer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It’s too bad Saer is not better known died not too long ago.

This is a must read. Really this book is an amazing accomplishment and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to read something different. However this is turning into a somewhat repetitious and tiresome philosophical pamphlet. He finds out that every year there is a mass slaughter and one survivor is brought back but usually they let him go.

El entenado de Juan José Saer | BDD-A | Diacronia

Even if we have the courage to find our way through one night, a little way of another longer night awaits us. Want to Read saving…. He developed lung cancer, and died in Paris inat age The last third is all about tying it all up, trying to solve the enhenado, to interpret the past. I can see it clearly, the village of the cannibals, encroached on by unreality and a lone truth-seeing witness. Saer died in after having written many books that are largely unknown to the Anglo world. It’s the story of a young man in a Spanish expedition in the new world whose entire group is captured and eaten by cannibals in South America.

El Entenado : Juan José Saer :

What kind of man is Kurtz? Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in the Santa Fe Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography.


Me alegro de que lo sea y de no haberlo hecho. Our narrator returns on their ship to Europe, is delivered to a friar-intellectual who teaches him a fleet of languages, generally re-civilizes the boy, and dies. Aug 26, Zoe Luhtala rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

When they arrive at a village in the interior, the bodies of the Spanish are butchered and eaten, while the narrator watches in horror. A jode feeling may attach to the reading of the novel; The Witness pulls you in more deeply the longer you spend thinking about its many provocations, reversals, intensities, and pleasures, and yet you will want to go out to meet it again and again.

The Witness by Juan Jose Saer

The second third of this book is the best. And so it is with Saer:. The writing is also good and so are some very powerful images.

The tribe eats the slaughtered Spaniards with terrifying and minutely depicted gusto, has a graphically and intimately illustrated orgy, and falls into a sullen sleep. At one point he s Feb 16, Kobe Bryant rated it really liked it. It is constantly deconstructing all the things that need deconstruction—the self, history, morality, sexuality, civilization—but nothing falls apart enough. Este libro no puede ser tan bueno.

The plot revolves around a cabin boy who is captured and who spends the next ten years living with a tribe of man-eating Indians in South America in the 16th century, but this vague and admittedly shocking description gives only an approximation of what Saer is doing in this work.

This is one of my favourite books. Apr 26, Ross Mcelwain rated it it was amazing. Proust, in La mayor, or Joyce, in Sombras sobre vidrio esmerilado.

He is a witness to the tribe’s periodic cannibilastic orgies, when most of the time they are a peaceful bunch. Paperbackpages. Juan Jose Saer was born in Argentina in and is considered one of Argentina’s leading writers of the post-Borges generation.

Conrad too is obsessed with the moment of truth, the instant of decision that separates the men from the boys—and just as often, the reader from the character.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Our narrator, never at home in the surprisingly cosmopolitan monastery, absconds and turns his heavily edited experiences into a play, traveling across Europe in one of the best sections of the book, performing for monarchs and the masses to enormous success.

It made me think and it seems the author did some thinking too while writing this. He is kept by the cannibals as a witness and is treated reverently throughout his stay until they let him go. It is a pity it is not several hundred pages longer: Then he forgets Borges, becomes himself again, breathes new life into it and resumes. Al fin y al cabo fue un libro que me hizo reflexionar y teniendo en cuenta que es totalmente lo opuesto a lo que leo y me gusta leer, no lo he odiado.

This is the kind of passage that gives a reader of modernist or postmodernist fiction a pleasant case of the hermeneutic shivers. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Why then only three stars I almost gave it two at one point?

Saer’s descriptions of the jungle and of the eating of human flesh are extremely rea I actually read this book in Spanish El Entenado. An inland expedition ends in disaster when the group is attacked by Indians. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Story telling wise, the strongest part of this book is the first third. Pero lo que el narrador nos revela o inventa no son las cosas o rituales extranjeros sino el pensamiento extranjero, o sea, el del Otro.

Mar 21, El Buscalibros elbuscalibros.