: El exorcista: E Planeta – pp PA. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Peter Blatty (Nueva York, ) es el aclamado autor de El exorcista () y del guión cinematográfico de la. of 15 results for Books: “William P. Blatty” Exorcist by William P Blatty ( ). by William P Blatty El Exorcista (The Exorcist).

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Legion by William Peter Blatty

As Chris finishes her work on the film, Regan begins to become inexplicably ill. I prefer the book simply because I enjoy books.

Nov 06, Alex Bledsoe rated it really liked it. Overall, I loved the movie but think the novel far surpasses it in its artistic merit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prequel to the Exorcist I was hooked for about the last pages and wjlliam up late to finish it.

In my opinon, I think the movie was far more scarier than the book. I’m in awe of Blatty’s ability to create atmosphere and exoricsta with the silliest villain dialogue I’ve read. Damn near all the way up to our sternums. I guess times and tastes have changed.

So what does make The Exorcist still so strong a novel after almost forty years since its first printing? This will only mean something to a select few, but I love interesting ideas about the beginning of the world. Father Karras explains that a priest cannot simply perform an exorcism and has to get a persmission from the Church – speaking simply, he needs evidence. Obviously this has been reviewed to death so this is more a profession of adoration for a masterpiece than a review and I really need to watch the film again it feels way to long since I last watched it.


Horror fiction portal Novels portal. By a long shot. No fue una adaptacion super fiel, pero respetan mucho el material original sobretodo con la ambientacion. I’m not wasting more time here. I wasn’t scared, however, only a little bit disgusted, but it was unsettling and full of interesting underlying information about psychology and the mentality behind the cases where exorcisms sounded as the best solution.

Imagine your own body being ravaged at your own hands but at the will of something else!

View all 31 comments. Most of the book was no one believing that the daughter Ragan was possessed, but instead that she just had some psychological problems which were causing her transformation of an innocent girl to a stark raving lunatic.

A boy, crucified; a priest, decapitated; another priest slain; a nurse, slaughtered — all bear the Zodiac mark of the Gemini Killer. Not many willjam have had that type of impact on me. This book is not scary, not terrifying and didn’t really make much sense. The Hollywood special effects at the end of the movie must have really scared the shit out of me. The book takes forever to get to its twist with the cell inmate, while the movie smartly started earlier in the mystery.

See 2 questions about Legion…. This merely isn’t a story about the possession of a young girl, but its really a commentary on a vast range of topics such as faith and the lack of it, to what exists after death, if anything exists at all.

No es precisamente una novela de terror, yo mas bien diria de detectives, esto no quiero decir que sea mala, tuvo sus partes buenas, aunque las primeras paginas se me hicieron aburridas, en comparacion con la novela de “El exorcista” ya que este es la secuela creo que se quedo corto!


Karras is researching possession and exorcism to present the case to his superiors. But how can we have it when we know we’re going to die? Ragged wings and taloned feet. Some of Blatty’s musings on the nature of good, evil, God and the universe have stuck with me long after I read “Legion. So years after the events of the first book, AJHD K is brought in to figure out who nailed a mute 12 year old black kid to some rowing oars.

The Exorcist

I thought this added a substrate of eeriness to the story. The Life of a Boo As the stranger reached up to remove his hat, Chris was nodding her head, and then suddenly she was looking into eyes that overwhelmed her: Retrieved from ” https: That shit with the crucifix in the cooze, though? Scott as Kinderman — but the end of the novel is both different from and, unexpectedly, worse than the movie’s. The Exorcist is his masterpiece but Legionthe belated sequel, is still a very scary, very dark, very memorable story.