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Flynn L et al.

Another one of the lines of research in this theme 6,31, is aimed at the construction of instruments that permit knowing the nursing activities and the time required. Human resource management strategies for the retention of nurses in acute care settings in hospitals in Australia. Some of these policies include: Adverse events associated with organizational factors of general hospital inpatient psychiatric care environments.

The combination of nursing personnel based on ppensamiento training, an adequate incentives plan, and a patient-centered nursing management model improves quality and increases the satisfaction of all the players involved in the caregiving processes.

In this sense, they state that an inadequate number of personnel can cause a lower adhesion to the practices to control the infection. J Am Geriatr Soc.

El pensamiento enfermero suzanne kerouac descargar

Reviewing the benefits of health workforce stability. From nursing, the criteria that have guided the determination of the needs for personnel have been modified over time Today, we have higher levels of formation, which has permitted transforming the scope in scenarios like research, teaching, and enterprise. Consequently, the decisions on the size and combination of the nursing teams are a critical area for healthcare services; thereby, it has direct implications on quality, patient security, and caregiving costs.

In fact, these have obeyed the scientific-technological and communication advances in healthcare, reforms of healthcare services that interfere in the organization, and the availability and qualification of personnel. Minnick and Mion 3 affirm, through an investigation, that the results of studies on nursing work have had different definitions, variants and methodological approaches, which is why in many instances the conclusions are contradictory as of the difficulties given by the information systems and the composition of databases, personnel assignment strategies, and design of analytical techniques.


De la Cuesta C. At the same time, it must be the foundation for the legislation of the nurse-patient coefficient. In another context, Buchan and Ball, 35 in their research to assess the impact of a new wage system for nurses in the United Kingdom, with a coverage of approximatelynurses and some objectives to improve the quality of caring for people, as well as recruiting, retaining, and motivating personnel, concluded that this system must be improved with efficient communication, adequate funding, and consistent direction of the system.

While the systematic review of studies related to planning of nursing personnel has not been exhausted, it is revealed that incentives policies have been earmarked in recent years to evidencing the effects on the quality of care.

El pensamiento enfermero suzanne kerouac descargar –

Also, the investigation defines as priority the need to create a Human Resource Planning Unit that meets the demands of the new keouac context, models of service and care delivery. This legislation did not reduce the level of skills of the nursing personnel, as was feared, and additionally permitted improving the level pensmaiento certified expert nurses. In this sense, the International Nursing Council in its document ‘Reliable personnel lives saved’ 1 urges all governments and nursing organizations to analyze and establish policies that guarantee ‘healthy work environments, the health of nurses, and the adequate personnel to maintain and sustain healthy populations’; likewise, it establishes as principles keeouac staff personnel knowing the patients’ needs and the complexity of caregiving, the context, intensity of caregiving, diverse levels of nurses’ preparation, experience of the nursing team, and support to management by nursing enermero operational and executive levels.

Briefly, never before had it been so important for nursing to have adequate instruments and information systems that permit efficient and effective planning of personnel as an essential aspect to guarantee the quality of care.

CIE; cited May In keeping with the aforementioned, Thorsell et al. Consequently, she urges all nursing associations to permanently be aware of the analysis of the personnel’s state of health, the phenomenon of migration, retirement processes, unemployment, and an updated information system for decision making.


These systematic reviews, Greenberg, 22 are of fundamental value for decision making within the context of nursing care, which is currently debated among the requisites to enfermeroo equity and access to healthcare services, as well as to overcome inequalities of most vulnerable and excluded people, families, and human groups; to the attention of pandemics and natural disasters that increasingly affect greater numbers of people throughout the world and economic recessions that have given way, on the one hand, to the scarcity of nurses and, on the other, to high healthcare costs.

Also, technology and cost-effective decisions regarding keroac are the ethical dilemmas faced by nursing personnel during their daily practice.

This same organism, in in its Guidelines on human resource planning, 2 calls on the need to consolidate and establish efficient planning and development strategies of nursing human resources, which must be periodically revised, entailing political entities in charge of making decisions in this sense, supported by permanent analysis of supply and demand. Invest Educ Enferm ; 27 1: Patient-Care practices associated with an increased prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection among chronic hemodialysis patients.

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Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia. Additionally, half of those working with the normal Schedule had marked deterioration of the working conditions, enfedmero that a good proportion of them were hired through job cooperatives.

In this sense, research coincides in evidencing that nursing personnel is fundamental to guarantee quality and that it is possible to achieve better health levels of the population in general if there is higher training, retention, and maintenance of adequate numbers of nursing personnel.

California’s minimum nurse-to-patient ratios: How to cite this article. Calidad de los servicios de salud en America Latina y el Caribe: Consejo Internacional de Enfermeras.