Machinedrum SPS-1 Sequencer pdf manual download. Also for: Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty . Documents, presets, manuals Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII – Audiofanzine. This document briefly covers the new functions of the new SPS-1UW. User Wave, the sample enabled Machinedrum. Unfortunately the. Users manual has not.

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Bends the pitch of the drum up or down into the basic pitch. The settings are placed in the machine copy buffer. Monomachine The Monomachine stood out. Pressing [PLAY] again pauses the play- back. Then press [PLAY] to clear the pattern. RTIM – The time between each retrig.

Elektron machinedrum sps-1 uw mkii manual high school – Zunik Energies

Playback of the sequencer will be halted. A set of infinite loops can be very useful in a live setting. When rack mounted, the unit occupies four standard height units plus whatever additional space is needed to accommodate cables plugged into the unit elsktron the back. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

When the bar has been filled up the sample has been transferred. In its default state, the 16 [TRIG] keys macbinedrum 1 bar of 16th notes.

FLTQ controls the filter quality Q parameter.


MDEC – The modulation decay time. The ROM machines keep the samples in memory even after the unit is switched off. RDEC – Speed of pitch ramp. If set decays, flattening the dynamics. The mute relation is used for interleaving drums, such as open and closed hi-hats which are supposed to stop the sound of each other when played. Damage caused by careless handling improper voltage connected, exposure to damp, abuse etc.


The speed of the LFO is synchronized to the global tempo. Sets the volume for the main output and headphone jack. PTCH – Controls the basic pitch of the tambourine. Then press [PLAY] to clear the track. We recom- mend the program C6 which can be found on the Elektron website. This convenient and easy-to-use gizmo lets you choose one of eight general effects subtle enhancement, saturation, fuzz, distortion, high gain et cetera then customize the sound further through a kick-ass multimode filter, LFO, envelope and EQ.

Note that CTRL machines are not affected by this function as active track or otherwise. Press and hold the [TRIG] key for the step where you want to add a lock.

See the figure below for an example of what the connec- tions could look like when receiving sysex data from a computer. A digital and spectacular synthesizer.

Five different synthesis methods plus sequencing guaranteed a sonic experience unlike anything heard. Sets the overall volume level of the track in focus. If set to a negative value, the volume of the frequency centered around the EQF parameter will be reduced. DEC – Controls the decay time. Below is a figure illustrating how notes are affected by various amounts of swing. DEC – Sets the decay time of the ride.


MOD – The frequency modulation depth. The Machinedrum is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating percussion sounds and eletkron sequences.

This gritty sounding synthesizer is the reason why Elektron as a company was formed in the first place. Analog Heat An eight-in-one stereo analog effects unit.

Instead, use the VOL parameter. It won a smattering of awards, too. The Sidstation was based on the legendary MOS sound chip, originally found in the home computer Commodore The delay time is synced to the tempo setting. Load a kit that you want to use. The Q value controls how much the volume is boosted around the low pass and high pass filter cut off frequencies.

HOLD – Controls the initial hold time for the volume.

Other Media Files : Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII

HPF – High pass filters the sound. RAMP – Ramps elektroj pitch. All reproduction without written authorization is strictly prohibited. The unit can only be returned for repair after agreement from Elektron.

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