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The Case for dynamical dark energy revisited – Alam, Ujjaini et al. Nonperturbative effects of vacuum energy on the recent expansion of the universe – Parker, Leonard et al. B arXiv: Cosmic black body radiation and galaxy formation – Silk, Joseph Astrophys.

Space Spinors – Sommers, P. Late-time cosmology in phantom scalar-tensor theory: How a brane cosmological constant can trick us into thinking that W – Lue, Arthur et al. Measurement of the gravitational potential evolution from the cross-correlation between wmap and the apm galaxy survey – Fosalba, Pablo et al.

JETP 58 dsd, Zh. Correctness of the formulation of the Cauchy problem for the system of Einstein equations. Perturbations in dark energy models with evolving speed of sound – Ansari, Rizwan Ul Haq et al. An Analytic approach – Hu, Wayne et al. Scalar fields – Kasper, U. Do the cosmological observational data prefer phantom dark energy? Introduction – Green, Michael B. On the graviton mass – Gruzinov, Andrei New Astron. Steps ssd non-parametric nebular helium abundances – Olive, Keith A. The Effective Theory of Quintessence: On brane world cosmology – Shtanov, Yu.


Weak-field limit of Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification: New constraints and tracker viability – Sahlen, Martin et al. Approximation schemes – Blas, Diego et al. Scalar cosmological perturbations on the brane Phys.

Weak lensing – Hirata, Christopher M. On a new cosmological solution of Einsteins field equations of gravitation. An estimate of the size of the universe from a topological point of view.


New light on dark cosmos – Gaztanaga, Enrique et al. D85 arXiv: D77 arXiv: Remarks on gravitational interaction in Kaluza-Klein models – Eingorn, Maxim et al.

DGP gravity, cosmic acceleration and large scale structure – Lue, Arthur et al. CMB observables and their cosmological implications – Hu, Wayne et al.

Observational evidence from supernovae for an accelerating universe and a cosmological constant – Supernova Search Team Riess, Adam G.

Integrable multicomponent quantum cosmology – Zhuk, Alexander Class. Prospects for probing the dark energy via supernova distance measurements – Huterer, Dragan et al.

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Introduction to modified gravity and gravitational alternative for dark energy – Nojiri, Shin’ichi et al. Short and long-term predictions – Pogosian, Levon et al. Dark energy, acceleration and the absence of cosmic doomsday – Abdalla, M.

Cosmology with tachyon field as dark energy – Bagla, J. Una teorema sulle soluzioni delle equazioni lineari ellitiche autoaggiunte alle derivate partiali del second ordine, Rend.


A Flat universe from high resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation – Boomerang Collaboration de Bernardis, P. Vacuum effects of ultralow mass particle account for recent acceleration of universe – Parker, Leonard et al. Microscopic origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy – Strominger, Andrew et al. Cosmology with a primordial scaling field – Ferreira, Pedro G. Cosmic growth history and expansion history – Linder, Eric V. Bounds on universal extra dimensions – Appelquist, Thomas et al.

I – Kasper, U. Modular cosmology – Banks, Tom et al. Accelerating cosmologies from exponential potentials – Neupane, Ishwaree P. The Evolution of voids in the adhesion approximation – Sahni, Varun et al. Gravitational instability on the brane: Towards the theory of reheating after inflation – Kofman, Lev et al. Further evidence for cosmological evolution of the fine structure constant – Webb, J.

Electronic Components ESD079-D72

Observational constraints on scalar field models of dark energy with barotropic equation of state – Sergijenko, Olga et al. S brane solutions in supergravity theories – Chen, Chiang-Mei et al.

Gauge condition for orthonormal three-frames.