But Eugene Sandow, on his advent in New York, neither fell romantically from the HIS PHYSICAL TRAINING SYSTEM ADOPTED IN THE BRITISH ARMY. The Exercise Routine of Eugen Sandow than the use of the dumb-bell, for developing the whole system, particularly if it is used intelligently. System of Physical Training was Eugene Sandow’s first book. It actually wasn’t written by Sandow, or not completely, but put together by an associate of.

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Any would be strong man or weight lifter needs to understand this. We repeat, however, that health, rather than muscular strength, should be the chief object of physical training. Then comes a period of stiffness, and the pupil is inclined to think that he cannot be bothered to proceed with the course.

Inspector of Military Gymnasia for the British army. While at Rome, Phjsical had an opportunity of enhancing his fame as a wrestler, for in this capacity he had been giving lessons to the titled youth of the Italian court, as well as win- ing their admiration for his powers as an athlete.

Not only do you want to concentrate but with this concentration you focus on every detail.

Full text of “Sandow on physical training : a study in the perfect type of the human form”

Sandow was now devoting his leisure, in addition to his Alhambra duties, to giving lessons on muscular training. He, of course, continued to make but one answer, and as its possible truth began to dawn on the police they treated him with more politic consideration. Greek and Roman alike knew, in a high degree, the value of bodily exercise, and in their competitive games, as well as in their training for war, adopted a system of physical education which produced wonderful results. He was, however, not unmindful of his 36 partner, Frangois, for he shared with sanodw the profits of his exhibitions until he left the city.

Sandow naturally prizes it as the most cherished of his souvenir treasures. Sandow was obviously unacquainted with the knack, and it AV;IS only after prompting from the audience as to the twisting, and sev- eral fruitless efforts, that he succeeded.

It seems a pity that the difficulties cannot be solved by some such plan as the independent establishment of a series sandpw tests by a competent authority, to which both men shall submit.

That before the contest takes place all financial transactions connected with the competition of last Saturday night shall be satisfactorily settled, according to the decision of the judges on that occasion. Of course, in giving themselves so ardently to physical education, the Greeks and Romans must have observed much else, as the results of muscular exercise, that was beneficial to the youth in training.


Sandow as a gladiator in an arena at Rome, was a further tribute to the young Konigsberger’s fame. Many people who take cold baths in this way complain of touches of rheumatism, and the whole trouble arises, I believe, from different parts of the body being alternately warmed and chilled…If you do not like the idea of getting sanrow your clothes wet, just take the water off the body as quickly as you possibly can with a dry towel, jump into your clothes, and let Nature restore your circulation in her own way.

Train like a Sandow!

Against professionals of so great re- mte, no wrestler has hitherto been known to contend, in a latch three against one, and to come off conqueror. Luck and his skill threw prize-money 26 in his way, and now and then he earned a little by hiring him- f out to sculptors and artists as a model.

Something, saandow doubt, was due, also, to the suddenness with which the then unknown strongman had alighted upon the world’s metropolis and won so signal a vic- 43 tory, to the od yet confident demeanour of the victor in marked contrast to the manner and bearing of his challenger and, especially, to the interest excited in the classic beauty and fine physical development of the newcomer’s form and person.

At the latter city he received a new challenge from Bartoletti, who, it seems, was not satisfied that he had been fairly beaten, or was at least unwilling, without further trial of strength, to accept defeat.

The trouble is that our modern methods of education, for the most part, do not lead to mutual and concerted action in the training of these dual parts of our being.

The battle was of long continuance between young San- dow’s inclination and his duty to his parents. Neither of the men is of more than medium height, but their arms were a rare spectacle, by reason of masses of muscle brought by practice to the hardness of metal. It was a long while before order could be restored, the incident apparently being regarded by the audience as a clincher.

Samson insists upon the contests being those more physjcal less tricky ones with which he has made the public familiar. If you want the ultimate in strength and flexibility the two sides of the coins with tension and relaxationthis is the quality of muscle that you want.

For several months, Sandow mtinued to exhibit at the Academy as a model, and also found remunerative work in giving private lessons as an ithlete. The ring, which he then placed trainong his sub 1 ject’s finger, is of beautiful French enamel.


Shortly after this, Sandow drifted across to Paris, where dame Fortune again became fickle and for a while treated him churlishly. To obviate this, Mr. Equally important is the realization of systdm truth, that a strongman, well- trained, can physiczl his strength to an incalculably greater advantage than a man of like vigour whose physical powers have not been cultivated.

After witnessing several other as- tonishing feats, the Kaiser took a ring of great value from his finger, which he had worn for eighteen years, and with frank heartiness presented it to Sandow, telling him, at the same time, that he was an honour to their common Father- land, and that he could desire nothing more than that his army were made up of many such types of fine physical manhood.

Sandow, to the one traiining appears in the chapter referred to, from Colonel Fox, H.

But in this they were disappointed, though they were not loth to see their son turn to the healing art as a profession. After the inevitable discussion raised by Samson on the stage and a tumult amongst the audience, who, apparently, were by this time largely on the side of the phlegmatic German, Captain Molesworth stated that Sandow wished it to be known that he had never done the trick in his life before.

He who is most likely to stop a runaway horse in a crowded thorough- fare is the man who has both the muscle and the pluck to risk life in the effort. This has been well illus- trated by facts recently gathered by Dr. In the first-named country he met three of the best wrestlers, and let them all come on at the same time, treating them as some modern Samson, and vanquished them easily. Having regard to the interest of the subject, the earlier portion of the following pages will be confined to telling the tale of Mr.

Benefit societies and life assurance companies. Sandow again was victor.

Sandow, who is what he has made himself teaining follow- ing his own simple system of muscular training, is a striking 9 illustration of the power of expansion latent in the human frame, and which in the most of us is capable of development.