Eurotherm Online offers Eurotherm Series 1/4 DIN PID Temperature Controller Programmer which is a versatile high stability industrial temperature and. The 1/4 DIN unit is a high stability controller with an extensive range of options. Either PID, ON/OFF or Motorized valve control can be configured, satisfying. Contents. Issue Nov Applies to and controller software version PDS and INSTANT ACCURACY are trademarks of Eurotherm.” Issue

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We use cookies to provide you with a eurotheem onsite experience. Switch-over control is the ability to use two sensor inputs into one instrument. The first sensor is used for one set of conditions such as low temperaturethe second sensor is used for the other set of conditions such as high temperature.

2400 Temperature Controller / Programmer

Between the two customer defined ranges, Eurotherm uses a ramped blending of the two sensors in order to have a seamless transition between the sensors. Applications include thermocouple vs. IR pyrometer applications, atmosphere temperature vs. Switch-over control is available in the models and For example, it is implemented on high-temperature furnaces that require high accuracy at both low and high temperatures.


Switch-over control allows smooth transfer between a thermocouple low temperature and a pyrometer high temperature. The sensor that works in the lower range of measured values must be connected to input 1 and the sensor working on the higher range to input 2.

Series Temperature Control / Programming

The minimum value for input 2 can be less than or greater than the maximum for input 1. In the common region, the Eurotherm instrument controls using a measured value that is a proportional blend of the two values.

The equation used to calculate the measured value in the common region is as follows: A euritherm alarm can be used to control the removal of the thermocouple from the load, once the transfer to the high temperature region is eurtherm. The IP list in the configuration is used to set up low temperature input IP. The 3A list in the configuration is used to set up the high temperature input IP. The or instruments can also be used in other two sensor applications.


Customer support Technical helpdesk. Summary Switch-over control is the ability to use two sensor inputs into one instrument.

2404/2408 Switch-over Control

Introduction Switch-over control is available in the models and Features The main process variable input 1 IP. If the thermocouple is removed from the load after the transfer to input 2, the algorithm cannot transfer back to input 1.

If either input breaks, sensor break will be detected. This selection occurs due to eurothwrm digital input push button, limit switch, motor started condition, etc.

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