Everlost is a fantasy book published in by the young adult author Neal Shusterman. The story is the first in the Skinjacker trilogy that takes place in Everlost. Shusterman’s (Full Tilt) enigmatic novel imagines a purgatory where only children go, with its own vocabulary and body of literature plus a. Everlost by Neal Shusterman – Nick and Allie don’t survive the car accident, but their souls don’t exactly get where they’re supposed to go either. Instead.

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They had to get used to walking amongst the living and the feeling of things passing through them. Oct 27, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: These spots are what is still real to the kids, and the “live” spots they will sink right through if they stay there for any time.

I can see why fans of Unwind would be underwhelmed by Everlost. Now, Everlost had me hooked from the first chapter. While all this is going on, he has also managed to write a rip-roaring adventure complete shuusterman monsters, blimps, and high-diving horses.

In my opinion, the narrator’s job is very much like that of a sports umpire in that their job is to do their job and nothing else. I’m really glad I finished this and did not give up on it.



Jul 03, Will M. Yep, I got scared with those thoughts.

In this imaginative novel, Neal Shusterman explores questions of life, death, and what just might lie in between.

After reading and greatly enjoying “Unwind”, I was eager to read another book Shusterman had written.

Everlost (Skinjacker, #1) by Neal Shusterman

See all 9 questions about Everlost…. And a destroyed 57 Chevy convertible might be a good example of the latter. And out of both of these concerns come the legends of monsters: I’m having a hard time trying to determine how I feel about Everlost.

I’m trying to figure out why this was in a young adult section of my library Allie gets Lief and Nick captured by The Haunter and learns that she can pick up living things and also possess living peopleor “Skinjack”.

Allie notices other Afterlights at the Twin Towers keep repeating and doing the same exact thing everyday, becoming stuck in ruts. It is a full and fascinating world in its own right. Everlost is a magical place for things and places that no longer survive in the living world ex.

Everlost | Neal Shusterman

Whusterman is about being in a state of limbo. Jun 25, Shayantani Das rated it really liked it. Kids who are struggling with the place they find themselves at.

Everlost is one of those novels that destroys the reading slump. I also really really liked Lief. I was too, a little.

But shuzterman overall message that there is existence after life and purpose to that existence and a destination when one is finally ready for it is one of comfort. One of the two is a hard headed kid who would stop at nothing for answers, and the other is a easy-go-lucky kid who’d rather follow the rules.


In the years since, Neal has everolst his mark as a successful novelist, screenwriter, and television writer.

The narrator did an excellent job and didn’t distract from the story at all. Trivia About Everlost Skinjac Highly recommended if you want a short but great read.

The BEST part of this book was easily the world building. Find all of my reviews at: Every kid has a coin everkost them representing the payment to pass on. Aug 22, Bridget rated it liked it. I suppose that is backwards, but there seemed to be something vulnerable about him.

Overall, I shustedman this a very solid book, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Nick and Allie had to learn the tricks to living in Everlost pretty quickly if they wanted to stay aboveground. Allie and Nick are the main characters in the novel.