Adnan Oktar (born Ankara, ), also known by his pen name Harun Yahya, is a prominent advocate of Islamic creationism in the creation-evolution debate. The Evolution Deceit has ratings and 78 reviews. Im too lazy to write down true review so in a nutshell:Harun Yahya demolish the Theory of Evolution,all. A CRITIQUE OF SELECTED PORTIONS OF HARUN YAHYA’S THE EVOLUTION DECEIT 1 INTRODUCTION In April Harun Yahya published the first.

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Today, the circles that adopt Darwinism as their intellectual mainstay and steadfastly try to uphold it are the same ones that defend such pernicious ideologies as materialism, communism, Marxism, racism haruj separatist terrorism.

Returning to the haemoglobin molecule he ramps the impossibility up still further by pointing out that this harrun has amino acids in its structure. View all 5 comments. This moment, right at the start of Earth’s Cambrian Period, some million years ago, marks the evolutionary explosion that filled eolution seas with the world’s first complex creatures.

In fact the choice of gases was based on work already done that suggested the atmosphere contained high concentrations of methane and ammonia. Sandra Pizzarello and Arthur L. Unfortunately for Harun the microscopes used by Darwin are very similar to basic instruments used in biology laboratories today. These interfere with the light signal and because the nerves join up and pass through the retina there is a blind spot called the fovea where they do.

He then suggests that science should work by taking both alternatives into consideration where each alternative is equally possible.

The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya is Blind Ignorance – Musings & Analysis

These would be lost as the full transition to water took place. Their arguments about the details do not mean that evolution is wrong. The same condition today applies to all the ideologies and systems that are antagonistic to religion. Natural selection acts to filter out unfavourable changes and stabilise favourable ones. This guy knows evopution about “Evolution”, but he is a professional at using fallacies! That said there needs to be a close examination of evolution from within an Islamic framework.


The model of punctuated equilibrium was never put forward as a consistent model, but rather used as an escape in cases that plainly did not fit the model of gradual evolution.

To do this he introduces the junkyard in yahyz guise, a modern day car. Evidence from detrital heavy minerals in ca. Natural selection acts on this variation by selecting individuals best adapted to their environment and letting them survive to breed and pass on their characteristics. The possible mechanism for forming the alternating bands is that during the day when bacteria were actively photosynthesising the mineral Haematite reacted with the oxygen and precipitated out of the iron-rich seawater.

At each stage Harun Yayas claims have been discredited.

Deceeit reason for his analogies becomes apparent. He thus turns the Theory of Evolution into an article of faith of a religion which he then identifies as materialism. This is why, in his book The Origin of Species, he wrote: It is also important to note what is not meant by evolution.

This can act as a template for other molecules to reform in either left handed or right handed forms. That requires proof of its own. And facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty.


The Evolution Deceit: The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism and its Ideological Background

Evolution is a theory. Its main thrust is to provide the reader with a general idea about the invalidity of the Theory of Evolution as well to display the impasses that evolutionists are in, the frauds they commit to support their claims, and the fictional and imaginary scenarios they base their theses on. It was then implanted in the 19th century into several science disciplines by thinkers such yauya Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud.

Living organisms produce and rely on the left-handed form of complex organic molecules. It’s wrong on two counts– not only as an incorrectly interpreted harub of evolutionary theory the art was supposed to represent, as ofconjectural but possible stages in the transition from a theropod dinosaur to a bird, now supported by the abundant finds at Laoning in literal rather than symbolic terms, but also because the animals are going after a yshya, not just a “fly”!

These range in age from 1. This shows that evolution and belief in God do not need to be in conflict. I assure you that evolution does not preclude the existence of a god; decceit, its axioms make no attempt at disproving a deity.

Plus it shows what have been all the historical negative influences of the Darwin theory: