Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVCf Digital Valve For more than 20 years, Fisher products have been manufactured with DVC Digital Valve Controller. Fisher r. FIELDVUE™ DVC Digital Valve. Controllers. Quick Start Guide The DVC digital valve controller instruction manual (DX) can be . Note. This guide provides installation, and initial setup and calibration information for DVC SIS digital valve controllers. The following documents are also.

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Auto Calib Travel 5. Restart Ctrl Mode 4. Valve Serial Num 6. Inst Serial Num 7. Polling Address Measured Var!

Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Instruction Manual

Analg In Units 2. Analog In Range Hi 3. Analog In Range Lo 4. Max Supply Press 3. Tvi Sensor Motion 6. Tvi Cutoff low 3.


Tvl Limit High 2. Tvl Limit Low 3. Tvl Cutoff High 4. Min Opening Time 2. Min Ceosing Time Travel Alerts!

Tvl Alert Hi Pt 4. Tvl Alert Lo PT 5. Tvl Alert Lo Lo Pt 7.

Fisher DVC – Digital Smart Positioner

Tvl Dev Alrt Enab 2. Tvl Dev Alrt Pt 3. Tvl Acum Alrt Enab 2. Tvl Acum Alrt PT 3. Tvl Acum DB 4. Tvl Acum byci count Alert 1. Cycl Cnt Alrt Enab 2. Cycl Count Airt Pt 3. Cycl Count DB 4. Cycl Count Otner Alerts! Aux Teninal Mode 2. Aux In Airt State 3. Aux In Airt Enab 4. Drive Alrt Enab 5. Supply Press Alrt Alert Record! Record Group Fisjer ! Stroke Valve Detailed Setup! Instrument Status Pressures S 1.

Tvi Sensor Motion Input Char 6. Zero Ctrl Signal 1. Custon Char 1.

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 SIS Digital Valve Controller

Set Pt Filter Time 5. Travel Dev Alert 3. Travel Accum Alert 4. Cycle Count Alent 5.


Alert Record Self Test Shutdown! No Free Time Fail 3.

Critical NUM Fail 5. TvI Sensor Fail 7. Analog In Calib 2. Auto Calib Travel 3. Man Calib Travel 5. Ramp To Target fisjer. Step to Target 6. Utility 1 2. Digltal Adjust Pressure Calib!

Output A Dbc6000 3. Output Bsensor Variables 1. Device ID H ! B A AB Hot Key-3 Hot Key-4 3 ! An end point was not reached. Check mounting and feedback arm adjustments, and inst supply pressure.

Then, repeat Auto Calib. W Auto Setup E! Q O O W! Proc anagement Process Management.