FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI. The Flexaret twin lens reflex cameras are a product of the Czechoslovakian company. Meopta (manufacturers of enlarging equipment) . The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 of the PDF manual (its the one that. I just got a Flexaret VI and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an english manual. I’ve seen one for the VII, are they similar?.

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After making an exposure, it is advised not to advance the film to the next frame because this also cocks the shutter.

Meopta Flexaret VII (1968)

The right frame counter is coupled to the camera and goes from 0 through 9. You can contact me at martywaw gmail. Your points praising the camera are spot on though, it is an extremely well-made camera, nice and heavy — quality.

The baffle only goes in one way, so pay attention to the little protrusion and make sure it goes into the notch on the flexqret otherwise it can fall out. Technical apparatus for the amateur astronomical photographer.

The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 flexwret the PDF manual its the one that someone hand wrote the number 10 in the upper right corner of the page. Very nice article, I was born in Czechoslovakia and I learned a lot of new things here. While I am sure countries like Czechoslovakia came up in school, for the life of me, I mahual remember anything I would have learned. Mine begins with an 8, so that means it was made in Also, what is the right way to move the transmission lever to the 45 position?

I found a like new, complete, Flexkin adapter kit with case.

Meopta Flexaret VII () – mike eckman dot com

As you can see, there are a lot of things to know before shooting with a Flexaret. Focusing is pretty smooth and easy with the swiveling focus lever beneath the taking lens. Although I find my Yashica-Mat ever so slightly easier to use, and the viewfinder in the Yashica is bright and clean, I love the ability to shoot 6 x 4.


The lens is permanently set at infinity. See the image to the right showing the baffle correctly installed inside of the camera. The reason for this is because the Flexaret VII also supports 35mm film which allows for a lot more exposures than film would. In either case, I have 2 excellent TLRs to choose from which is a good problem to have! This is how you get 16 images on a single roll as opposed to This taking lever was redesigned as a long curved piece of metal with a depth of field scale in between dual knobs on the Flexaret V.

Mike, thank you so much for this great article and review. Somehow they managed to survive through the collapse of the Soviet Union, and inbecame a privately owned company once again.

There was never a time when the Flexaret was completely redesigned.

Meopta Flexaret VII Instructions For Use Manual

Camera type Technical camera made in the twin lens Flexaret VI base. Remember that Meopta was an optics company first and a camera company second, so it should be no surprise that the pictures will be crisp, with excellent contrast and color rendition.

Flexaret Standard black and gray different finishings and name variations. This left counter has the numbers 0 through 4 on it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. My Yashica-Mat has a knob focus on the side of the camera which I find to be really easy to use.

Minolta Autocord – mike eckman dot com. At this point, you are ready to make your first exposure. This makes rotating it a lot easier. If you want there to be stops, there is a little sliding lever on the left front side of the camera, right in front of the accessory shoe. Various normal run Flexarets were adapted for amateur astronomy. Appreciate your observations… I found a like new, complete, Flexkin adapter kit with case. It has been a valuable aid and a joy to read.


Five blades amnual speed shutter. Here are some design highlights of the entire line: The world is a big place and many countries have deep and rich histories and sadly, there is only so much time that can be spent on one area, and this is a part of the world I know little about. Automatic twin-lens reflex camera flezaret roll film of 12 pictures 6×6 cm, or 16 pictures 4. Flexaret Standard Grey Model. When loading film into the camera, you must manually turn the left counter to 0, manuak the camera should automatically set the right frame counter to 1 indicating that you are ready for your first exposure.

Until then, this is still a very capable shooter that I look forward to shooting with again. I did check into having the mirror replaced but it would have cost about more than I originally paid for the camera.

It is a simple metal frame that merely slides into position. Towards the end of the school year, we got into the first and second world wars and how the Soviet Union was formed. Do you have a picture of your baffle and one showing how to place it inside film compartment? You can still do this with the Flexaret, but it involves pulling back on the black lever pointing to the red EV values, and keep it held back while selecting your chosen shutter speed and aperture.

TLRs are an interesting type of camera. From the collection http: