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This manual also for: On the power supply unit there are many parts pm302 carry dangerous high voltages. Apply a 50 Hz sine wave signal of 8 V pp to input CH1; Theseservicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel only.

Fluke PM Oscilloscope 4 Channels mhz No Cable | eBay

Enter text from picture: To reduce the rise of electric shock donot perform any pm308 other than that contained in the operating Up to 10 kHz; The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection. Configuration of mmicroprocessor control part Page This delay is verified in the following test. Page Verify that the delay difference between the two displayed signals is less than 0.


As alternative you may use the fast-rise output of the square-wave calibration generator. This slowing down of the collector voltage will reduce the switching losses during switching off.

Input attenuators and calibrator. Carefully unsolder the soldering tags of a semi-conductor one after the other.

A second input signal ZT determines the intensity Z component of the text information. The timing capacitance consists of C that is always in circuit and Flluke, C that are activated via the switching transistors V and V See also section 9. Page Set CH1 to 0.

After having opened the instrument, the voltage can be measured with a voltmeter or oscilloscope. The x1 is switched by control signal PA1X1.

The display part and power supply must be OK. On the XYZ unit there are parts that carry high voltages.

The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT. CHIP C Take the unit out of the front frame. On this unit there are ;m3082 that carry dangerous high voltages Remove all superfluous soldering material. Adjust the input signal to an amplitude of exactly 6 divisions. Put CH1 in 0.


Oscilloscope MHz PM Equipment Fluke; Eindhoven

Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the unit from the mains. PmPmPm ATCAL can supply several accurate voltages that are used for vertical calibrations.

Circuit diagram of Y-out unit This is displayed on the CRT with a message: Use the internal termination when available.

Recommended Test Equipment Note: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. In many cases the signal name and also the component to which a certain node is connected are given in the circuit diagrams. This diagram shows the Y-output amplifier.