FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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This is the same data that is displayed in the Per-User Timeline Report. When a customer reports a bug, via email or on a discussion group, it can easily be assigned to a developer to fix and be tracked just like any other bug.

The file looks like this:. Generating tokens in the UI is the recommended approach. Developers work through their cases one by one, in order of priority.

This is the data that is aggregated over time in the Burn Down Chart.

If, for example, you got that response, you would prompt the user with a combo box to choose if they are John Docujentation or Fred Astaire. Like viewUserTimelineReport, but only including the simulation of the final milestone to be completed by each user.

Tools: Manuscript

To quickly search just the current wiki, use the search box on the article page if included in the current template. Like viewUserTimelineReport, but only including the simulation of the final milestone to be completed by each user.

Set a title and formatting by right-clicking and choosing Picture Properties…. If it was Monday at 3pm and you wanted to know what the date would be for something due in 5 hours, it would give you back the next cogbugz, Tuesday at 12 noon. Please see this article for details on what’s new, what’s changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

Add images to your document by choosing Insert Picture… The image will be documentatiob in the wiki and embedded in the page. You can create a link to any FogBugz case simply by typing the case number when you insert a link. If you need finer categorization, you might consider using tags.

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To search only wiki articles, add type: Using FogBugz On Demand? FogBugz automatically saves drafts in the background as you are editing, in case you close your web browser or it crashes before you can save. Where do cases come from?

Edits an existing milestone available with FogBugz 8. Can be a string, a case number, a comma fogbkgz list of case numbers without spaces, e. Public Projects You can set a project to allow public submissions. Every case is prioritized, sorted, and assigned to exactly one person on your team who must either resolve it or assign it to someone else.

Customizing the FogBugz legacy name defect plugin. If this is left off or set to 0, both private and global snippets for the current user are returned.

Using the FogBugz Wiki – FogBugz Knowledge Base

For example, the following tag might be flgbugz by the FogBugz for Visual Studio Add-in to mean that version 3 is now available on the server where it can be downloaded from the URL setup-msvs. Customers get an automatic email reply with a URL they can click to check the status of their inquiry. The list of filters is already in the same order that users are used to seeing it in the FogBugz user interface and should be preserved.

Once the test result was added, hovering the mouse cursor over an case ID will open a window with useful information and status details about the case in Manuscript. If q is not present, documentstion the cases in your current filter. When absent, will star for current user. If this is absent, only File1 will upload. You can copy the article to a new one, set it as the root for the containing wiki or delete the article.

This functionality is provided for importing cases from another system. The minversion field is used to warn fobgugz if the current version of the API is not backwards compatible.

For each version, you can click a link to see a graphical display showing what documrntation relative to the previous version. You can compare any two versions by clicking Next and Previous for each side of the comparison until you see the two versions you want.


Slicing and dicing The FogBugz filter feature and advanced full-text search make it easy to ofgbugz and search. It is not required, but we recommend making sure the case you email from has sCustomerEmail and ixMailbox set.

If this returns an HTTP error file missing you can safely assume that either FogBugz is not installed at that location, or else it is installed, but it is a version of FogBugz that does not include the API. This is the same data that is show in the Per-User Ship Date report. Add tags to wiki articles in the tags field at the bottom of the editor.

Each area is a part of the larger project, but is more-or-less separate from the other areas in the project. You can add and remove columns and rows and split or merge cells by right-clicking the table. If the current filter matches a saved or built-in filter, the sFilter is also returned. It is used by the FogBugz server to indicate to a client that a new version of some API client software is available on the FogBugz server.

FogBugz Plugin API Documentation – FogBugz Knowledge Base

For example, if you have a team of technical writers and they want to be able to see all the bugs in the documentation, create an area called Documentation. If you delete the last link to a given article, even though it still exists in FogBugz, you can only get to it by directly typing the URL. You must import them in order from lowest to highest case number.

On this page Table of Contents Tools: The wiki article info page contains article details, history and a list of all links to and from the article.