FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day4. He’s watching me. I can feel it. The Wookiee’s morning ablutions in the ‘fresher next door. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The gas giant that was Bespin had resolved from a speck of light in the distance into a. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The first thing Leia became conscious of was Solo’s snoring. She couldn’t just hear it; she.

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She had lived through this scenario too many times now. Then Han felt himself slide out of her, the gush of warm fluid that followed, and smiled apologetically. Aware of her scrutiny, Solo opened his eyes and smiled at her and, without missing a beat of his song, redirected the words to her. How could she when the feel of his hands was so irresistible?

Bloodstripe 5 was published in and has pages. She lifted her head. He had a vague recollection of a beeping sound, but nothing was beeping now beepin he decided he must have dreamt it. During the drinking game?

Leia reluctantly moved across to sit in it and Chewbacca settled into his own, leaving Threepio standing between and just behind them. How did one respond to a declaration like that? Soon, she could feel her climax building and made a conscious decision to let it happen.


Solo smiled then regarded her fondly. Oh, the painting is really just a stunning piece of work.

A sobering thought occurred to her, crashing through her sensory fog, and she froze. So I thought I might expand on that subject. Or maybe Jedi training just doesn’t take very long? Han is — “Ohhh He drew her body against his.

Forty Days to Bespin Chapter 6, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

Solo gazed at her for a long moment, unable to put into words what he was feeling. When he needs it. Their point was erotic titillation and, as such, she couldn’t help but regard them as basically harmless.

She swallowed and looked sadly at her vays. Leia frowned and moved across to examine the bunk Solo had cleared for himself.

Han and Leia Forever — A lovely piece by @leelastarsky. I believe it goes

He leaned around to look at her and said sharply, “Leia. The sense of him hovering just above her was extraordinarily erotic and it shocked her to realise how intensely she wanted to feel him lying on top of her. Chewbacca pulled a distasteful face at what they were eating and muttered something derogatory about foty. Bloodstripe 6 was published in May and has pages.


And it will always have a special place in my heart as my very first zine. Leia knew the danger. Safe at lastSolo thought. He smiled and stepped over to her bunk, then leaned in and kissed her.


Sitting up, Solo scratched his head and contemplated the task of shifting and sorting a mess that hadn’t been looked at in, well, a very long time. He did not expect silence, and looked across at her. Here, where there was only Han and herself, none of that false imagery mattered and Leia found herself wishing they didn’t have to go back.

Leaves us more room to play. He at least wasn’t moping around ruining their last few hours together. Content is available under Fanlore: He can’t stop thinking about it eithershe thought, but forced herself to plunge ahead.


A healthy dose bezpin each makes for a great story to me. Leia frowned, struggling to translate. JarikSolo May 30, at 4: Inflamed with a desire for orgasm, Leia clutched at Han, then abruptly turned to face him. They were still quite wet, the snowsuit particularly so, and it occurred to the princess as she walked to the bunkroom and shut the door that she had nothing to wear to bed.

I have one word to say for this Zine.