by Fritz Leiber. Preface by Eric Flint. My reaction when I first read this story, somewhere around the age of fifteen, was perhaps bizarre. “A Pail of Air”is a story. My first encounter with Fritz Leiber’s short story “A Pail of Air” was in March via the X Minus One radio show. At the time, I could still not read or write and. Given such a setting, the story is naturally dedicated to Fritz Leiber and his famous “A Pail of Air.” I remember reading that story as a child.

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So we were all settled around the fire in a wink, and Ma pushed up some cans to thaw for supper, and Pa began. Aug 03, Richard added it.

A Pail of Air

The strangers were puzzled like anything at first, but then they got the idea. I really liked this depiction of what might happen if the Earth was snatched away from the Sun, though I think Leiber’s take on things is maybe a bit optimistic. Granted, I didn’t really have any idea leibfr “bitters” were. And that destroys your ability to like this text. What matters is that life is good. The Big Jerk didn’t last long. He says he was mostly too busy to notice.

In og, a man and a woman are huddled together in a bed with heaps of covers over them. I felt pretty uncomfortable and disturbed myself, even about the young lady. I could tell that Pa was annoyed at me scaring her and wanted to explain it all away quickly, yet could see I wasn’t fooling. Paul rated it liked it Aug 15, Something had to be done, and almost before I knew what I was going to say, I heard myself asking Pa to tell us about the old days, and how it all happened.

The dark star, as Pa went on telling it, rushed in pretty fast and there wasn’t much time to get ready. I hadn’t said anything about first thinking it was a young lady’s frits.

It’s a funny thing, I’m not afraid to go by myself, but when Pa’s along I always want to hold on to him. Somehow that part embarrassed me. Probably the best is the opening and title story, A Pail of Air.


A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber

I just stood there shaking, and almost froze my feet and did frost my helmet so solid on the inside that I couldn’t have seen the light even if it had come out of one of the windows to get me. All of these gases in neat separate layers. leiberr

That was one of the things Pa had been thinking of when I told him about the light, but I had thought of it myself first and known it wasn’t so. But then the blanket actually did move and lift.

Pa got very silent all of a sudden and Ma kept telling the young lady, “But I wouldn’t know how to act there and I haven’t any clothes. Just after the black hole arrived to the Solar system, people reported seeing stars ‘blotted out’, obscured by the black hole.

The frozen folk with minds from the dark star behind their unwinking eyes, creeping, crawling, snuffing their way, following the heat to the Nest. Ed Messina rated it really liked it Nov 12, My only previous exposure to Fritz Leiber was his enjoyable and highly experimental Hugo-winning novel The Big Time — an unusual story evoking a one-act play whose characters are soldiers recruited from all eras of history relaxing in between missions during a vast temporal war.

I’d forgotten about that on account of trying to hide it from the others. Oct 18, Adam rated it liked it. But they had an instrument that noticed the faintest heat waves and it had told them there was something warm down here, so they’d landed to investigate. I know this isn’t for everyone and some less than others.

A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber – Free Ebook

I could feel it, too. It was over as soon as the Earth was settled down in its new orbit around the dark star. He found his mature voice early in the first of the sword-and-sorcery adventures featuring the large sensitive barbarian Fafhrd and the small street-smart-ish Gray Mouser; he returned to this series at variou Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr. I’d liked to have given it more stars. The family that this story revolves around, would go out with a small pail, scoop the frozen ozone layer into the pail, and then return to their tiny living room lined with blankets to defrost the snow.

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Ma started moaning again, “I’ve always known there was something outside there, waiting to get us. It makes everything else worth while.

My first exposure to Leiber was through his fantasy work, but I too really enjoyed The Big Time when I read it several years back.

That was the time of the monster earthquakes and floods, twenty times worse than anything before. Even pf flames cringed away from it as Pa put it down close by the fire.

Nevertheless, I liked the story. Here and there a few icicles hang, water icicles from the first days of the cold, other icicles of frozen air that melted on the roofs and dripped and froze again.

A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber. This article about a science fiction short story or stories is a stub. Now, I read this a few years ago, so I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I’m assuming they had no air, because the ozone and everything was frozen.

Pa says there used to be some of that feeling even in the old days, but then every morning the Sun would come and chase it away. Three of the sides are blankets, and the blankets roofing it touch Pa’s head. And still the steps kept shuffling closer. I think we were at odds over Slan, as well. Now that it was inside the Nest, you could really feel its coldness. That was a worse idea than the one about something coming down from the dark star to get us. But the place got smashed in the last earthquakes and all Pa’s friends were killed then and in the Big Jerk.

They have survived in this way for a number of years. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Much more timeless than the others, and much more engaging.