features of OTCEI 1. nationwide trading2. ringless trading3. compulsory investor registration4. transparent trading5. Please see the related links for an explanation of OTCEI. 3. Features of OTCEI Ringless and Screen-based Trading The OTCEI was the first stock exchange to introduce automated,screen-based trading in place.

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Such refund shall be made to the Default Committee for the benefit and on account of the creditor members and it shall be applied in liquidation of the claims of such creditor members whose claims are admitted in accordance with these Bye-laws and Regulations.

If in the purchase or sale of securities it shares brokerage with or transacts business as principal with or acts as a broker for or enters into any business with a non-member, if such non-member either acts as a broker or passes its own contracts or advertises as broker or Dealer in share and security business or issues price lists or circulars in respect of such business or permits such advertising or issues or is associated directly or indirectly with any company, association, firm or undertaking which so advertises or makes such issue.

Explain the main features of Histogram?

What is a role? The market maker may make such changes in its quoted prices during business hours as would deem reasonable. Refusal to accept delivery does not affect service.

OTC Exchange of India

What role does the snare drum role? Details of all trades effected shall be communicated to the Exchange within the time prescribed fhnctions the prescribed format. The OTC Committee may if deemed fit, whether the time for making the award has expired or not and whether the award has been made or not, extend from time to time, the time for making award. Amount Payable on the Claim. Specific allegation of coercion, undue influence, fraud, misrepresentation or upon prima facie evidence of such material mistake in the deal.

If it transacts its own business or the business of its constituent in fictitious names. Failure to fulfil Obligations.

Withdrawal of Admission to Dealings on Redemption or Conversion. Pin code – Here encapsulation can be shown. The Arbitration Committee will be adjudicating disputes between Members and between Members and non-Members. Proper authorisation from client for the same shall be obtained by the Member. The transferee entity shall be admitted as Funtcions on the Exchange only after fulfilling the prescribed selection criteria and compliance with all relevant requirements of the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, and Rules thereunder, provisions of the Companies Act.

No Comment Yet Please Comment. This occurs due to signal sent from the remote to the TV to which the TV responded. The quorum and responsibilities of the sub-committees will be determined by the Board of Directors. Companies thus, have the unique benefit of nationwide listing and trading of their scrips by listing at just one exchange, the OTC exchange.


The Default Committee shall apply the net monies, securities and assets remaining in its hands after defraying all such costs, charges and expenses as are allowed under these Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations in satisfying first the claim of the Exchange and then ratably such admitted claims of Members against the defaulter, arising out of the contracts entered into in the market, in accordance with the provisions of the Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange.

Advertisement may be issued individually or jointly with other Members.

In case of all claims whether admitted or notdifferences and disputes arising out of or in relation to all deals referred to in sub-clause a above, the parties concerned shall be deemed to have agreed that they are subject to arbitration in accordance with the provisions relating to arbitration contained in these Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations and that they are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

When in the opinion of the OTC Committee is in such financial condition that it cannot be permitted to do business with safety to its creditors or the Exchange. Books of Account pertaining to clients should interalia provide for the following. The expulsion shall not affect the rights of the Members who are creditors of the expelled Members.

Investors can settle the deals across the counter and the money or scrip proceeds from the deal will be settled in a matter of days if not earlier. Separate Bank Account of Clients.

The NSE is slowly becoming the leading stock exchange in terms of technology, systems and practices in due course of time. Closing-out on Failure to Perform a Contract. The costs of reference and award including costs, charges, fees and other expenses shall be in the discretion of the Arbitration Committee which committee may decide and direct in the award as to by whom, in what manner and in what proportion such costs, charges, fees and other expenses or any part thereon shall be borne and paid by the parties and may tax and settle the amount to be so paid or any part thereof.

OTCEI: Concept and Advantages | India | Financial Management

Whenever an award given under these Bye-laws and Rules is set aside by the court, the court may on an application made by either of the party adjourn the proceedings in order that the matter may again be referred to arbitration as provided in these Bye-laws and Rules and the claims, differences and disputes shall be decided by arbitration in order to eliminate the grounds of setting aside the award. The Exchange shall not be liable for obligations of a non-Member, obligations of a Member to a non-Member, obligations of a Member to another Member of the Exchange towards deals which are not covered under the Settlement Guarantee Fund or obligations to a constituent by a Member and to losses in connection therefrom.


Trading Sessions outside prescribed hours prohibited. It also plays a role in deliveringnutrients throughout the body. If it fails in the opinion of the OTC Committee, to carry out committed transactions with its constituents.

However, any party to arbitration may require of the arbitrators for a hearing. Split and merge into it. A party to a reference, who is a member of the Arbitration Committee or the OTC Committee, shall not attend any meeting of the Arbitration Committee or of the OTC Committee at which an inquiry into the reference or appeal is made or at which a reference or appeal is heard. The Companies Act, The Member shall give immediate intimation to the Exchange of the names of such constituents and details of the transactions as may be specified by the relevant authority from time to time.

The Default Committee shall not entertain any claim against a defaulter. Such constituent, if registered, would have to comply with the Business Rules, directives and guidelines applicable for the registered entities under the relevant trading segment of the Exchange.

OTCEI: Concept and Advantages | India | Financial Management

The Members shall maintain separate accounts so as to distinguish the monies received from or on account of and moneys paid to or on account of each of his clients and the moneys received and the moneys paid on his own account.

Any Member who shall have paid or given such difference or consideration to any other Member prior to such settlement day shall again pay or give the same to the Default Committee for the benefit and on account of the creditor Members in the event of the default of such other Member.

Appeal to the OTC Committee.

Provides greater confidence and fidelity of trade. Any loss on the transaction s incurred in this regard can be met from the margin money of the client standing with the Member. Such companies shall only file their offer documents with SEBI and SEBI will communicate its comments to the issuer company and lead manager within 21 days.

Closing-out of contracts with Defaulter Otvei. The required period of notice in this case shall be decided from time to time by the Exchange. In the United States, separation of powers is often cited as a central attribute, funxtions in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the dominant principle is that of parliamentary sovereignty whilst maintaining judicial independence.