Read “One Night of Sin A Novel” by Gaelen Foley with Rakuten Kobo. Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec. The latest entry in Gaelen Foley’s Knight Miscellany series features the Bad Boy of the family: Lord Alec Knight. Taking a man who has a. Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord After the two spend an all-consuming night of sin, Becky’s knight in shining.

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In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer. You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. From Amazon So yeah, anyone pf likes tame, closed door sex scenes should stay away from this.

But nothing in it was pornographic or “dirty”. It was just more than standard missionary, lose the virginity, then maybe one more.

Why was there more sex? Well, look at Alec’s character! He was all about sex! Sex was used, not as a page filler as some have said, but as a way to show how Alec changes and develops. So no, you’re not going to convince me that this book was somehow less desirable to read because it had some hot sex scenes.

One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley | : Books

Oh, and while I like me some Stephanie Laurens well enough, these scenes were not 10 pages long and there weren’t even that many in the book! I don’t know what books other reviewers are folfy, but this definitely didn’t go beyond the pale. Becky I happen to like the name — sure is better than Olympia or Grizelda as I’ve roley in other books lately is a lively, spunky, smart, compassionate, and keen-witted woman. I like her probably better than any other heroine I’ve read in any of Gaelen Foley’s books.

Eden from “His Wicked Kiss” had this potential, but blew it halfway through. Becky kept her wonderful traits, even when turning over her problems to Alec. Acknowledging the need for help doesn’t make one weak, and accepting help doesn’t make one helpless. So why would GF take Fokey very problem gambling and make it key to the solution to the book?

Well, Alec didn’t really have an “addiction” to gambling — the gambling was a symptom of his overall depression, not the cause. This book allowed him folye redeem THAT aspect of himself, too.

As explained, he preferred the games he lost at because it made nigut feel special and specially chosen. But he excelled at games of skill. When one didn’t believe one worthy of winning, one leaves it to fate to “validate” themselves. Then, when fate turns sour, it’s justified because of his lack of worth, right? So by allowing Alec to use gambling to become a hero, it showed him that he was fo,ey no matter what “lady luck” has to say about it.

Contrary to the many criticisms mostly unfounded in my opinionflley book wouldn’t have worked if it was handled much differently. Not to say it’s perfect, by any means, but I definitely can’t agree with someone who is comparing this negatively to “The Duke”, which, quite frankly, I disliked. Alec wasn’t troubled in the ways that many of his brothers were, but his own self-doubts and lack of self-worth manifested itself in “rakish” behavior — even though he wasn’t really a rake at heart.


Which is why he didn’t really “change” so much as found himself in a situation that allowed him to live up to his potential and prove his own worth.

The mean cousin, Prince Kurkov, was a bit of a caricature. His behavior was over the top in a lot of ways. The Cossacks were stereotypes to the core. But on a whole I found the action and plot to be interesting enough, and certainly better than many other books I’ve read. So what bothered me njght most? Alec’s referring to Becky as “little girl” or “baby girl” a lot. THAT skeeved me out a bit.

What else bothered me? That their arguments, though few, often occurred because of Becky being unreasonable. Not that it was unreasonable to expect explanations, but that she didn’t seem to grasp that one doesn’t keep the prince regent waiting.

The Knight servants were used to Alec’s “shenanigans”, so they weren’t horrified. And even if they were, no one knew Becky for who she was.

She wasn’t exactly having her nigjt studied too in-depth, now was she? Of course, when she did finally enter into society there might have been some talk, but since 1 no one really knew the whole story, and thus didn’t know whether she gaeelen unchaperoned or not, 2 she was, as she said, with the Captain of the Rakes, so no one expected any less. And, of course, once she was accepted by the Knight family, many sins were easily washed away.

Overall I’d give this a fairly strong 4. The issues I had with it were minor, but somewhat offputting. The storyline wasn’t the best I’ve read, but it was interesting. I would definitely recommend this book before I would gaelrn “The Duke” and I’d put this above “His Wicked Kiss” ain I think that book had the most potential out of all of those that I’ve read.

If you think that Alec should remain a rake, then you probably shouldn’t read this. But if you can accept that Alec’s behavior was ons result of his feelings and not the cause of them, then you should be able to accept haelen “reform”, and understand him even more after reading this book.

Alec is definitely a lot more interesting to me now than he ever was before! Alec deserved so much better!!!! What a major let down. I almost quit reading it midway. The si did improve somewhat so I’m glad that I finished it, but I really can not recommend it.

I would only read it if you’re like gaeleh, and have a need to see a series through. There were a few scenes as Alec is coming to terms with the things he’s done and the mistakes he’s made that were good.

I really bought into the idea that Alec wants to be different and “reform”. Here’s what didn’t work I absolutely did not buy into the romance between these two. Becky wasn’t the type of woman that I had imagined for Alec. The love scenes were somewhat offensive in language and detail.

I’m all for intensity, but the graphic nature was unnecessary.

I didn’t like the plot with Becky’s uncle as the villain, and the idea that Alec gambled, an addiction that nearly killed him, to win back Becky’s home was distasteful to me. He also attributed his ability to gamble “healthy” to the love of a good woman I didn’t like the pet names they used for each other and how Alec turned into a “softy”.

A rake can reform without completely changing character which Alec did. Overall, I have loved and hated this man throughout this series and was hoping that his book would be my favorite Only one more to go So far I’ve liked 3 and disliked 3, and I would like to close out this series with more on the “Liked” side than on the “Disliked” side. This was a man who had everything he could want right in front of him.


A loving family who tried their best to save him from using his looks and money to his own detriment. A woman willing to give him everything, including her livelihood, just for his love, and yet he spurned her and decided to become a gigolo instead. No, Lord Alec Knight wasn’t deserving of love in my opinion. That is, until I read One Night of Sin. This helpless, honorable woman who finally allowed Alec to be the man he could be instead of the rake he was reputed to be was the reason I was able to forgive Alec Knight, and she’s my favorite heroine of the series.

This book is full of the passionate, romantic encounters that I’ve come to expect from Gaelen Foley, and it’s one of the few in the series that I think can be read as a standalone story, since the other Knight family members are conspicuously absent throughout this book. From Amazon I can call it a bodice ripper because right there on page it says “He tore her lovely bodice in his haste to get his hand on her The plot has been detailed elsewhere so I’ll just say what I liked about this book.

First the sex was really steamy and explicit. More, I think, than the other books in the series.

These two were so hot for each other, right from the beginning. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other! But the part I really liked was Alec’s sweet seduction of Becky. He was such a pro. Standing under an awning on a rainy street, he said all those sweet words to her, just the right things to make her melt. And then he fed her and niyht her and kissed away her sorrows.

Alec is so charming! What a sweet hero he is. These two had great chemistry. Maybe I was just in the right mood for it today, but I really loved this book. I absolutely loved Alec.

One Night of Sin

I liked this one almost as much as “Lord of Fire”– which is saying a lot. This entire series by Foley is great and this is one of the best ones. Lord Alec Knight the youngest of the Knight brothers is known as Captain of the London Rakehells and certainly lives up to his reputation.

He’s rather disgusted with himself after getting deep into debt from gambling and having to resort to working off his debt in a rich baroness’s bed for a year. Lady Campion pays off his debts in exchange for his “services”. As a result, he terribly hurts and loses the only woman who has ever truly loved him Lizzie Carlisle–see Devil Takes a Bride.

His self-esteem is at an all-time low when he discovers a bedraggled young woman asleep on his friend’s doorstep.