Find support for your Discover user manuals, FAQs, hints & tips for your Philips product. GAGGIA SYNCRONY LOGIC J SILVER. LOGIC UL. INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL GAGGIA UL. GAGGIA SUPR. Gaggia Syncrony logic SUP Manual. This is original manufacturer’s file as a onetime Free downloadable with any purchase. The file will be emailed.

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The machine is now ready to brew for drinks, but the startup settings may not match the drink you are trying to brew. Inside the tube of the pannarello nozzle there should be a plastic insert which must be present in order for this nozzle attachment to work. Review the section of this article that addresses frothing difficulties for more information.

Forced removal of the brew unit can cause the machine to fail in a way that will only be able to be repaired by professional technician. This is normal as all machines yaggia manufacturer tested before leaving the factory.

The best descaling product for this machine is Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler.

SYNCRONY LOGIC RS Machine Manual.pdf

If at any point you are able to clear the flow message then faggia will want to do an immediate descale of the machine. Frothing is very sensitive to technique, so there is a steep learning curve. Most machine failures are caused by a lack of cleaning and maintenance.

If the brew unit of your machine is stuck in place do not try to force it out of the machine. Your machine features a brew unit cleaning cycle. Refer to your machine manual for specific instructions for this unit.


The video below identifies these mistakes and shows how to correct them: It is likely that scale has built up inside the valve, and the buildup is holding the valve open. If coffee is not coming through the spout holes, or coffee is leaking around the sides of the spout then it is out of position.

While this is true of other styles of espresso machine, this is not true of a super-automatic unit. Using a carafe that is chilled in a freezer before frothing is helpful for keeping the milk cooler for longer, allowing for more time to froth before the milk begins to scald. The video below shows proper frothing technique: If you are not able to get water to flow through the machine at all or none of the syncrong flow logid, then there is something blocking the flow of water through the machine.

If the machine is producing steam then an adjustment to technique may need to be made. It is also important to use plain water; detergents and soaps should not be used.

While the brew unit is removed, the brew unit chamber should be wiped down with a moist cloth to remove excess grounds and coffee residues. Do not add whole beans, or entire bags of preground coffee into this chamber.

You may want to do this if you’ve recently switched beans to remove some of the old flavors. The brew unit will make several loud clicking noises through the duration of the brewing cycle.

Gaggia Syncrony Logic – Whole Latte Love Support Library

If the shots are completely cold then the brew thermostat is broken and the machine will require a repair. If your machine uses a water filter, temporarily remove it from the water tank and add the recommended descaling product to the water tank. When the machine is first unpacked there are several things to consider before even powering the unit on.


A complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of the brew unit should be done every cups or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Once the flow issue has been resolved the machine should be immediately descaled with the recommended product.

Gaggia Syncrony Logic

When the pump of the machine activated for brewing, refilling, and hot water dispensing it is going to syncony a loud humming noise. Boiling milk, or milk that is getting to hot before frothing is completed is an indication that incorrect frothing technique is being used. This will let plain water flow through the brew circuit which will remove old coffee flavors, oils, and grounds. After you have descaled, run tanks of plain water through the hot water function for the wand in order to ensure the system is completely free of debris.

Try the following to resolve the leak:. There is a tube that dispenses coffee from the brew unit. This error typically indicates the machine is not being cleaned on a regular basis. The machine manual provides a thorough walk-through of the set-up of the unit, but there’s so much information it can be mystifying.