available a transcript of Gelek Rimpoche’s Ganden Lha Gyema teachings that is Rinpoche mentions in his Gaden Lha Gyama, pg. ‘Jetsun lama. This commentary on the Ganden Lha Gyema guru yoga, the backbone of one’s practice, adresses Vajrayana-practitioners as well as those that want to prepare. This is a teaching on the Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga text, Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy or Ganden Lha Gyama, by the Sera Je Lama.

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We start with mind instead of body because in essence, Lama Tsongkhapa is, in nature, the wisdom of the Buddha; wisdom is the essential aspect of the enlightened mind. The seventh is aversion to hearing unpleasant things, gandn opposite of yearning for pleasant words; a dislike of unpleasant words. We should recite the above verse three times, not only repeating the words but contemplating the meaning deeply.

You should remember this very precisely because in meditation you have to visualize all the details. This is where Lhz Tsongkhapa comes out from.

If you are interested you can read his extensive biography, which explains in his life in great detail. This is like preparing the way and the seat. The Nature of Mind. With this meaning in our mind and with the visualization as explained before, we practice the recitation of the lama prayer.

Because this is for the development of clear wisdom, we should also visualize as clearly as possible that all the lights and everything else are radiant, clear and luminous.

The first line is different in some texts, where it is dag gi thog me instead of gang zhig thog me but it means more or less the same thing. How The Mind Works. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Thus we receive within ourselves the quick wisdom of every buddha. Lama Tsongkhapa and his disciples sacrificed all worldly pleasures such as good food and so forth to live a very simple, meditative life.


There are countless impure realms like this one, where beings are endowed with suffering; completely oppressed with suffering, karma and delusion and so forth. The gandenn mala is for purification, then there is one mala for each of the four developments of wisdom.

The third is yearning for favorable speech, words. Meditation for Clarity and Serenity.

Ganden Lha Gyama

From a quarrel between two or four people up to a war between great nations, all is for the purpose of the eight worldly dharmas. Prostration is also an antidote to pride. That is the meaning of the following verse, which we recite before the second mala of the lama mantra.

But out of ignorance, we worldly beings, not knowing this, get purposely, voluntarily and completely involved in them. But ggama Lama Sumati Kirti [Losang Dragpa, that is, Lama Tsongkhapa] is in Tushita at the feet of Buddha Maitreya, as disciple, as prince of the devas there, other manifestations of him are also in many different forms in many different worlds.

Ganden Lha Gyäma: The Guru Yoga of Tushita’s Deva Host – Teachings From Tibet

They are beams of light but hollow inside, like a tube; empty inside. It is not enough for us to confess our non-virtuous actions just once. But we have to offer much more than that. He is both lama and Buddha in one. Three radiant white light tubes start from the hearts of the three lamas, concentrate into ,ha, and that very concentrated hollow beam of light absorbs into the crown of your head.

All the great gurus of the past, such as Jetsun Milarepa and Lama Tsongkhapa, renounced the eight worldly dharmas, fought against them with all their might and gained victory over them. We must visualize that Lama Tsongkhapa has completely accepted and promised to give us all the powers.

Our body is completely filled with amrita and light, and within this there are many syllables of the lama mantra. If we have this kind of natural scented water we put it in a cup or bowl and offer it.

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But neither are great wisdom and clear wisdom enough; we also need quick wisdom; wisdom that is very fast without taking time. Lama Tsongkhapa is one with Manjushri.

Here gysma confess all our downfalls, all the non-virtuous actions that we have accumulated, in front of Lama Tsongkhapa. There are people who wish to practice meditation in connection with Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani and there are those who wish to develop compassion, wisdom and power. Among these pure realms, the Buddha Heavenly Abode of Tushita is one of such pure realms where beings are separate from all the gross forms of suffering gtama their cause and even the word suffering does not exist.

That will begin by Buddha Maitreya appearing in this world. They are deeply wrong for us to be involved in.

The effect is exactly the same, sufficient for Vajrasattva purification. Therefore, before reciting the lama mantra, we make a specific request: The fourth line is the same. Be the first one to write lna review. They are all in the form of light letters, absolutely luminous. From outside, we can see everything very clearly. So from outside and inside we become completely in the form of orange light.

Ganden Lha Gyema « Jewel Heart

gabden But when practicing this meditation—the light and amrita flowing down, entering us and purifying all our obstacles and filling our whole body—we should not do the visualization quickly but slowly, stage by stage. To each side of it there is a lower, smaller throne. Anyway, each of us should know what vows we have taken. In front of you there are three big heaps of clouds.

We prostrate to the lama by expressing the qualities of his body, speech and mind. Rejoicing is the supreme practice for accumulating merit.