KEYWORDS: Tymoczko, geometry, chords, voice leading, scales, tonality, some brute facts in Tymoczko’s new book A Geometry of Music (henceforth AGOM). A Geometry of Music has 69 ratings and 6 reviews. Peter said: Tymoczko is an intriguing composer and adept mathematician, so his mix of math and (lots of. Dmitri Tymoczko: A Geometry of Music: Harmony and. Counterpoint in the Extended. Common Practice. Hardcover, , ISBN , pages.

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A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice

And how do Chopin’s works exploit the non-Euclidean geometry of musical chords? Archived copy as title All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from September CS1 errors: The Times of Trenton.

I’m almost certain that that’s because the math doesn’t check out, though it seem impossible to verify since Tymoczko doesn’t really phrase his analysis in terms of the linear algebra that he implies. Tymoczko has produced an outstandingly original synthesis of new music theory that unifies quite a large number of separate subfields and realizes the theorist’s dream of finding the rational basis for tonality and tonal-compositional practices in music.

Ebook This title is available as an ebook. Musicologists, musicians, and listeners with an analytical bent will find plenty of ideas to chew on in this intriguing, rewarding book. Tymoczko has also written a free software program, “ChordGeometries,” allowing users to visualize the orbifolds representing musical chords.


A Geometry of Music

tumoczko We make many observations about music, and while these observations are usually correct in some sense, they often seem to miss important points: Tymoczko’s album Beat Therapy Bridgecombines jazz instrumentation with classical ideas of development. Tymoczko was born on December 16,in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Jason Quackenbush rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Springerpages — Tymoczko identifies five basic musical features that jointly contribute to the sense of tonality, and shows how these features recur throughout the history of Western music.

L’ho cominciato con un timore riverenziale pensando che coprisse solo la musica classica ma mi ha sorpreso e non poco. Norman rated it it was amazing Sep 02, In Crackpot Hymnal Bridgehe presents expressly composed chamber pieces inspired and mixed from a number of traditional tymocsko.

A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice by Dmitri Tymoczko

Harmony and Voice Leading 2. Views Read Edit View history.

geometgy Of course, real music is messier than elegant theory. Open Preview See a Problem? Exceptions to these requirements must be approved in writing by the editors of MTO, who will act in accordance with the decisions of the Society for Music Theory. Reich’s “New York Counterpoint” Occasional oddities in the results betray a lack of discernment in these analyses.

The repercussions of this difference for the way composers use triads and seventh chords are explored in section 3. Oxford University Press Amazon. I had huge hopes for this book, but sadly, I found it quite lacking. Secondly, A Geometry of Music is not a book about geometry; it is a book about music.


In this groundbreaking work, author Dmitri Tymoczko describes a new framework for thinking about music that emphasizes the commonalities among styles from medieval polyphony to contemporary rock. Tyoczko Kosman, writing at SFGate, called it “whimsical,” “ingenious,” and with a “rich emotional arc” produced by a “warmth of personality that is distinctive.

In this groundbreaking work, author Dmitri Tymoczko describes a new framework Unfortunately, this was not the music I had come to college wanting to understand.

A Geometry of Music – Dmitri Tymoczko – Oxford University Press

Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice. Stoica Ionut rated it it was ok Apr 17, Scale, gsometry, and centricity are independent.

Archived from the original on Lists with This Book. The critic Frank Oteri describes it as “far reaching and utterly entertaining.

If the author’s way of doing music theory or promulgating his results is not quite like most of the music theory that we have learned and taught, that is hardly a sufficient reason why we should not give his powerful ideas the attention they deserve.