19, posts. 12, battles. [HINON] One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. I used a . I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau. 19, posts . German DDs do not eat more AP pens than other destroyers in the game. In addition, their wide hull makes it very easy for enemy cruisers and battleships to penetrate with armor-piercing shells, doing more. km) and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister. .. 19, posts .. Maybe if Wargaming does a second German Cruiser Line or even a.

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Norway offered to return the turret from Trondheim inthough the offer was rejected. Triumph of the Imperial German Navy.

Gneisenau is one of those ship that does everything good except the main guns; oh they can do lots of damage when they hit, but they can be a double edge sword. Gneisenau ‘ s Seetakt radar picked up a radar contact at Greenhill Park 11 Mar: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were the covering force for the assaults on Narvik and Trondheim ; the two ships left Wilhelmshaven on the morning of 7 April.

Posted September 4, Empire CloudU 18 May: In the ensuing action, Scheer damaged two Soviet patrol boats, bombarded and destroyed an Soviet meteorological station and sank an armed ice breaker Aleksandr Sibiryakov.


List of battleships of Germany

Bismarck ‘ s sister ship Tirpitz rapidly approached completion. The intent of the operation was to draw out British units and ease the pressure on the heavy cruiser “pocket battleship” Admiral Graf Speewhich was being pursued in the Nattleships Atlantic. It all very much depends on your play style. The Germans intercepted British radio traffic that indicated the Royal Navy was at sea, which prompted Scharnhorst to make for Stavanger.

Or if anyone else battleshlps to, pls do.

T Potential Super Ship – German Destroyers – World of Warships official forum

The first attack took place on the night of 30—31 March, and a second occurred on 4—5 April. Captain Fegen was posthumously battleshi;s the Victoria Cross for Valor. A convoy was a group of ships traveling together for mutual support and protection – this tactic was utilized before and during the Second World War. You can absolutely murder things with AP.

Thoughts on Gneisenau ?? – German Battleships – World of Warships official forum

Without deck armor, casualties proved heavy. Shes a meh ship to me, easy enough to play though but you are reliant on getting in close and letting those secondaries go to work.

Pinckney Henderson Kherzon Matt W.

This caused flooding in the bow and damaged electrical systems in the forward battlesgips turret. Her guns are good for dealing with cruisers. Bismarck suffered sufficient damage from three hits to force an end to the raiding mission.


Helgoland and Oldenburg were allotted to Britain and Japan respectively, and battleshios up in Views Read View source View history. That is, unless you have a team of heroes pushing with you at the same time. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They were detected in the Skagerrak and the heavy units of the British Home Fleet deployed to cover the passage between Iceland and the Faroes.

The two ships encountered another convoy, escorted by the battleship Malayaon 8 March. Two days later, Scharnhorst battlships to Kiel for permanent repairs.

Posted September 5, Painted grey for camouflage and manned by crew men, she proudly hoisted the White Ensign of an ocean escort for Atlantic convoys. It also takes time to slow down and get concealed in smoked when you pop it and during that time you will get shot at.

Eight holes were found in the hull, one on the starboard side and seven on the port side, all above the waterline. The concussive shock also caused widespread damage to the ship’s electronic components. With a 30 second reload, I need more battlehips 1 or 2 shells per minute to hit.