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In trasparenza tra le linee e i colori di questa parte del mondo andavo distinguendo l’aspetto del suo rovescio del quale soltanto mi sentivo abitatore. To view it, click here.

Difficult Loves

The partisans realize that he is still alive, and begin to drop grenades down the cave. I have a favorite in the last collection too, and of course it is the story of the photographer, one that strikes extremely close to home in view of my own interest and history with a camera. Uscita per la prima volta nella sua versione attuale nelquesta raccolta riprende una serie di racconti scritti — uno solo escluso — nel decennio che va dal al These stories are equally subtle, but more moralistic.

Oh, it gets muddled. They also capture the first steps of Calvino’s journey towards the fabulous. In his world, a ship can show the truth like a book, and a pair of glasses can block recognition better than a wall.

The Italian presented thirteen very short stories under the subtitle Difficult Loves Gli amori difficili and a couple of longer tales under Difficult Lives La vita difficile. No trivia or quizzes yet. This was my seventh Calvino, and how ever many other books of his I get to read in the future, I simply can’t see anything itako the masterpiece that was ‘Invisible Cities’.

And like any work by Calvino there is always the knife twist waiting when you least expect it.

Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino

Diffiicili social commentary never fades completely into dificili background, but the mood is definitely more jocular and all the girls have an ironic, secretive glint in their eyes as they watch the mating dances of the male of the species. They ifalo then unified by their shared part of their individual titles.

View all 46 comments. She waves, asks for a light for her cigarette. It is only when they have the photos before their eyes that they seem to take tangible posession of the day they spent, only then that the mountain stream, the movement of a child with his pail, the glint of the sun on the wife’s legs take on an irrevocability of what has been and can no longer be doubted.


Smog revolves around a man who re-locates to a different city which has for long been victimized capvino industrial pollution and how he got used to the so-called polluted air around him and consequently made him see the difference between human beings he had known for life and those whom he had known for a short period of time and how in the process he started noticing things he had long ignored throughout his life.

We then dalvino him as he explores the cave and makes his way to ddifficili. Calculo que con una relectura puedo llegar a ponerle 5 estrellas. View all 10 comments. A tortured, drunken sleep, where one wonders if the conversation, the gaze, the regret was real; or did I dream it, did I read it.

And I was unhappy. There’s a sense of innocence meeting experience. It is physical, the ledge we look over to the other, the real, world. There was a time when I thought my purpose in life was to encourage as many people as possible to read Calvino.

The best thing about this collection of stories is how rewarding they are on repeated reads; initially dense prose gives way to light, colour and details of pretty awe-inspiring clarity. The consequences of war really only became apparent when the boys were old enough to play a role, even one as responsible as shooting the real enemy with guns that once would have been used to kill that amoori meal.

Arguably, some of the best were saved until last, ‘Stories of Love and Loneliness’ written in the fifties, sees Calvino slowly began to break from realism for the richer depths of philosophy, myth and fantasy.

The garden is surrounded by walls, protecting the property of the rich; a simple shepherd is made fun of during a family dinner by his employer; an older man hides in an abandoned garden from his past misdeeds, protected by wild bees; a hardworking family man is bitterly complaining about his sons who just want to sleep all day and gamble all night: To which the only answer is that it is a work of fiction and it is written by a man.

Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino. And at amorj for Calvino, an Agronomist, that is where the seeds of his literary abilities germinated. His work typifies the Italian oral tradition and love for the unusual circumstance.

Animal Woods is my favorite episode here, and it showcases the calvin, the bombastic, anarchist, often illegal response to authority figures of the Italian peasantry. But how could she understood this unhappiness of mine? One of the first instinct of parents, after they have brought a child into the world, is to photograph it.


Collection of several short stories.

The social commentary is in plain view now, Calvino using laughter and a baroque exuberance to underline the contrast between dreams and reality. The short story is almost an essay on the function of memory and of the nature of love as a figment of the imagination. Want to Read saving…. He took it to the beach. Amedeo Oliva always has a book. There is no wild imagination on display here but rather simple, accessible writing about simple people. The plan is to shoot them in front of a chasm in the earth — a vertical cave — that will obviate the need of digging graves.

Calvino suffuses his style with a sense of lightness and poetry; his words caress the page and the images he conjures delight the reader-if I was to think of a word which categories Calvino’s style it would be whimsy, as whiffs of beauty are interspersed with the quotidian concerns of the nonentities who populate his novel, the ephemeral flickers of beauty which the characters experience serve to ignite the melancholy of his narrators; “The sky could be seen above the roof, no longer limpid, but bleached, covered by an opaque patina, iitalo in Gnei’s memory and opaque whiteness was wiping out every memory of sensations, and the presence of the sun was marked by a vague, still patch of light, diffciili a secret pang of grief.

He was a journalist and writer of short stories and novels. Even though Calvino had just experienced the war, it seemed to be important that he document childhood first, almost as if the war hadn’t occurred. He was a masterful teller of tales. But nonetheless, this edition now seems like a mockery.

Tales of love and loneliness in which the author blends reality and illusion.

How vividly he captured the minute happenings around us and served us some riveting tales makes me revered in awe of him.