The Goldsboro B crash was an accident that occurred near Goldsboro, North Carolina . In a now-declassified report, entitled “Goldsboro Revisited”, written by Parker F. Jones, a supervisor of nuclear safety at Sandia National. The heat would have been so intense that even at the outskirts of Goldsboro, seven He entitled his work Goldsboro Revisited or: How I learned to Mistrust the. Numbered Edition – Signed by the authors. Since its discovery by Magellan in , Patagonia was known as a contry of black fogs and whirlwinds at the end of.

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Mattock got out by climbing out of the B’s top hatch and jumping with his parachute. With a temperature of 20 million degrees fahrenheit, everything inside would have been vaporized. A United States Department of Defense spokesperson stated that the bomb was unarmed and could not explode.

Full text of “Goldsboro Revisited Pp 1 2 Copy”

The whole incident might have been simply an unfortunate, tragic, but not uncommon training accident if it hadn’t been for what the BG had been carrying: Maggelet and James C.

During the mission, the plane experienced a fuel leak, and suddenly the B began to break apart revixited. Because the planes needed to keep flying hour-after-hour without landing, they godlsboro being refueled in the air. As the plane descended to 10, feet approaching the airbase, the right wing gave out completely and the plane broke up in mid-air.

Mattocks, under the command of Major W.

1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash

The bomb disintegrated, driving itself many yards into the earth. Radiation from a nuclear blast comes in two forms. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Anyone within fourteen miles who was exposed to the blast goldwboro have sustained third degree burns. What happened with the second bomb, however was a lot more scary.

Its tail was found 20 feet below the surface. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The BG they were flying that night was the first model of the plane that used integral fuel tanks in the wings.

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goldsbor Parker found that the switch that prevented detonation could have easily been shorted by an electrical jolt, leading to an accidental detonation. Aviation accidents and incidents involving nuclear weapons Aviation accidents and incidents in the United States in Aviation accidents and incidents in North Carolina Accidents and incidents involving the Boeing B Stratofortress Nuclear weapon safety Wayne County, North Carolina in North Carolina in military history January events Nuclear accidents and incidents revisitdd the United States.

Goldsboro B crash – Wikipedia

Therefore it isn’t surprising Goldsbogo reached the conclusion on his report that on that day just “one simple, dynamo-technology, low voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe. A B bomber similar to the one that broke up over North Carolina on January 24th, Twin Four Megaton Bombs.

Before the refueling could start, however, the boom operator noticed a stream of pink liquid spewing from the B’s right wing: Views Read Edit View history.

One simple, dynamo- technology, low voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe! The bombs separated from the remains of the aircraft and plummeted toward the ground landing about 12 miles north of the city of Goldsboro in some farm fields.

The unalterable conclusion is that the only effective safing device during airborne alert was the ready- safe switch, be it the MC Goldsboro or the MC Alt A B Rfvisited carrying two 3—4- megaton Mark 39 nuclear bombs broke up in mid-air, dropping its nuclear payload in the process.

What would follow over the next twenty-four hours, however, would be anything but routine. There was no jettison.

Retrieved September 12, The second H-bomb landed intact after its parachute deployed as part of its arming sequence. Fall out occurs when the radioactive residue which is propelled up into the atmosphere by the explosion “falls out” of the sky down to earth in the days and weeks following the detonation.

It is likely that very few people in the city would have survived. Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history. The aircraft was directed to assume a holding pattern off the coast until the majority of fuel was consumed. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Wings and other areas susceptible to fatigue were modified in under Boeing engineering change proposal ECP Retrieved from ” https: The refueling was aborted, and ground control was notified of the problem.

After hearing this information, SAC headquarters ordered Mattocks’ bomber into a holding pattern over the Atlantic Ocean where it would wait until it had lost enough fuel to attempt a safe landing back at base. Then, in the period after the actual explosion, “fall out” can blanket the surrounding area. Around midnight on January 23—24,the bomber had a rendezvous with a tanker for aerial refueling.

The fact that the bomb had even partly gone through its arming procedure, however, was alarming to USAF officials and the details of what actually happened inside the nuclear device became a closely-guarded secret.

At the end Mattocks would be the survivor of one of the most serious nuclear weapons accidents ever and a large part of the great state of North Carolina would have come unbelievably close to being turned into a smoldering, burned out, radiation-poisoned, death zone.

Heat and a titanic shock wave would have killed everyone out to a distance of two and a half miles from ground zero within seconds. The parachute will not deploy on a fully-unarmed bomb, as in the case of the first Mark 39 mentioned above. The tail was discovered about 20 feet 6.

Untitled periodical Use dmy dates from August Coordinates on Wikidata Articles needing additional references from January Golldsboro articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September The fourth, a simple, low-voltage switch, was all that stopped Armageddon from happening in North Carolina that day. Under orders, the crew turned the bomber westward with the intention of landing back at Seymour Johnson, located near Goldsboro, North Carolina.

To this day, the North Carolina government continues to test the area for signs of radioactive contamination.