: Groundswell – Expanded and Revised Edition: Winning in a World In Groundswell, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li explain how to turn this threat. Groundswell, Expanded and Revised Edition: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. book. Charlene Li · Josh Bernoff. I’ve been thinking of writing a summary of Groundswell: Winning in a So, let’s jump right in; Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (not “Bernhoff” as.

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Account Options Sign in. Groundswell, Expanded and Revised Edition: If bernofv mobilizing a group to help each other, Supporting would be right. Features of particular industries or companies can make direct customer engagement more difficult. Charlene Li is an independent thought leader and founder of the Altimeter Group.

Groundswell (book) – Wikipedia

The technology needs to be scalable and flexible as circumstances and strategy change the needs of the gronudswell. Other questions also need to be addressed.

I’ll write a post on monitoring the various channels in the future. Please try again later. Evaluate new social technologies as they emerge Determine how different groups of consumers are participating in social technology arenas Apply grounfswell four-step process for formulating your future strategy Build social technologies into your business.

Written inGroundswell: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Customers who bought this item also bought. See and discover other items: The book is very basic – so basic it doesn’t feel like I took anything from the text that I didn’t already know. Jeez, what more can I say? I haven’t finished the book yet but I do assume that as I continue the text will get “meatier” and offer more value. Energizing people is done through providing features like review and rating systems, encouraging creators who like your organization or product or service to publish about you.


Who will lead the charge? I’ll add some of their thoughts as well as my own. I had to read this for college. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube are where customers discuss products and companies, write their own news, and find their own deals but how do you integrate these activities into your broader marketing efforts?

Why Things Catch On. In summary, Groundswell recommends getting started with social technology because it’s already happening whether you’re participating in it or not. Share on Google Plus Share.

Market-Based Management 6th Edition. In the ecosystem of participants, Creators are the least plentiful and arguably the most important. To ensure you don’t completely miss the mark the authors suggest you start out small and allow for growth or change as the community of participants gather.

How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell | NetChange Consulting

So I don’t have to go back to the old way of preparing for class – juggling the handle bar, a book or phone, and a jerking subway while in a human sandwich. Listening focuses on hearing what people are saying about your organization online. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Groundswelk pages Title Page. It’s an unstoppable groundswell that affects every industry — yet it’s still utterly foreign to most companies running things now.



It isn’t great, but it isn’t the worst. What is there can be found throughout the book in the case studies and words of advice from the authors.

Don’t have a Kindle?

This last part of the POST process is deciding what technology will help you activate the community of people interested in your groundseell. Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.

How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell

Also the audible version does still vary slightly from the kindle version when it comes to statistics and dates – but the core message and text is still the same. Take what you can from it but don’t believe everything it says in my professional opinion.

The face of advertising and the consumer is changing.