Adapted and mºdified by the Gujarat Adaptation of Laws (State and Concurrent [2] Bombay Prohibition Act 25 of ) has gone beyond scope of directive laid. DownloadBombay prohibition act gujarat pdf. they complain that something is too cheery LOL Put them a little black and gray on the wall. Win. 7 does not. download new law of prohibition in free university Gujarat government announced new law & punishmemt. New provisions.

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Karnataka High Court Amended by Bombay 67 of Our algorithms sense that you may get better results by trying out the same excerpt in our CaseIQ TM interface. Provided further that no permit shall be granted to more than one member of a household at any one time.

Patna High Court Authority For Advance Rulings. This Act received assent of the Governor General on the 15th May A chemist, druggist, apothecary or keeper of a dispensary who allows any liquor, which has not been bona fide medicated for gujarafi purposes according to the prescription of a 1[registered medical practitioner] or any intoxicating drug to be consumed on his business premises by any person, shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.

They have also been accused of not performing their duty. Whoever, being the holder of a licence, permit, pass or authorization ij under this Act or a person in the employ of such holder or acting with his express or implied permission on his behalf.

The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949

Provided that, in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be mentioned in the judgment of the Court, such. Provided that any such rules may be made without previous publication, if the 1[State Government considers that they should be brought into force at once. We accordingly allow the appeal in part and reverse that part of the ‘order of the High Court which set aside the acquittal of the appellant for the offence of consuming liquor and remand the case to the High Court for disposing of the appeal against the acquittal of the appellant on merits, but so far as the other part of the order directing trial of the appellant and the other accused on the charge of possession of liquor is concerned, we do not see any reason to interfere with the same and we accordingly reject the appeal in so far as it is directed against that part of the order.


Gujarat high court has ruled that the authorities cannot seize vehicles of private travel operators midway by making passengers alight the vehicles.

gujarat prohibition | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

When the duty on toddy-producing trees, is levied from the owner of the trees, he shall be entitled to assistance in recovering the same, from the holder of the licence under the provisions of the law for the time being in force relating to the recovery by superior holders of their dues from their tenants.

Indict Muslims who wed off minor girls: Provided that no person other than the actual offender shall be punished with imprisonment except in default of payment of fine.

Madhya Pradesh High Court. Cyber Appellate Tribunal 0. The duty on toddy-producing trees shall be leviable primarily from the person holding the licence 3[to tap them and to draw toddy therefrom] and in default by him or if the trees are tapped without licence, from the owner of the trees.

First Appellate Authority 0. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

The gujarat prohibition act, (old bombay prohibition act – General Practice – Civil Law

Notwithstanding anything in this Act, it shall be lawful for any officer authorised by the 1[State] Government in this behalf to grant any licences, passes or permits for import, export, transport, possession, sale. III ofshall be bound.

The State Government may, by rules or an order in writing, authorise an officer to grant licences for the purchase, possession or use of any liquor or alcohol for the manufacture of any article mentioned in section 24A], on such conditions as may be prescribed. Provided that the 7[State] Government is satisfied that such hotel has ordinarily a sufficient number of boarders eligible to hold prohibitiin.

The gujarat prohibition act,1949 (old bombay prohibition act

In all trials for offences under this Act, the Magistrate shall follow the procedure prescribed in the Code of Criminal Procedure, prohibiion V offor the trial of summary cases in which an appeal lies. The first limb of the contention was that the order setting aside the acquittal of the appellant for the offence of consuming liquor and directing retrial of the appellant for that offence was improper, since it was not competent to the High Court in pohibition to set aside the order of acquittal and direct retrial, unless it found that the acquittal was wrong.


Whether an accused is in possession of liquor or not must depend on the facts and circumstances of each gujxrati. Calcutta High Court Banaskantha the offences punishable under Sections 98, 81 of Amended by Bombay 36 of Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

Provided that in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be mentioned in the judgment of the Court, such imprisonment shall not be less than nine months and fine shall not be less than one thousand rupees:. In exercise of their powers and in discharge of their duties and functions under the provisions of this Act or rules, regulations or orders made thereunder all Prohibition Officers and all officers including the officers of the Police and other departments shall, subject to the general or special orders of the 3 [State] Government be subordinate to and under the control of the 4 [Commissioner] and shall be bound to follow such orders as the 5 [Commissioner] may, from time to time make.

In a departure from past practice in dealing with politically sensitive issues in BJP states, President Pratibha Patil gave her assent to the Madhya Pradesh Prohibition of Cow Slaughter amendment Bill meant to raise the quantum of punishment for offenders and shift the burden to prove innocence to accused.

Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. Provided that, in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be mentioned in the judgment of the Court, such imprisonment shall not be less than three months and fine shall not be less than five hundred rupees. Whoever, in contravention of the provisions of this Act, or of any rule, regulation or order made or of any licence, pass, permit or authorisation granted thereunder