Farming Guru ji Milk rahane k ghrelu nuskhe apnakar inse dairy farm per jyada milk liya ja sakta badhane ka desi tarika apna lena. Guruji was on his charpoy, his long hair caressing his bony shoulders, his wiry legs tucked A big brass tumbler of hot milk had been brought up for Guruji. Nice intro. Gets one very hot and horny, but where is all this leading to. When do we get to read the rest of the story. 12/8/ Block comments from Zorro

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Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam? A middle-aged man was waiting for us there I presumed. People from all walks of life would throng to see him. During one such occasion, he was there in the room. Then I self massaged my ass cheeks one at a time with my right hand to feel comfortable.

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Threats and intimidation were also used to shut victims up when needed. But she was told that the guru was not sexually harassing her, it was his exalted soul reaching out to her soul that deserved to be elevated. How far is the temple Uday? So, it took some time to believe that a living person could also attain the same status. A terrified Veena ran out. Chotu, you keep the line and then quickly have a bath. I was already breathing quite heavily and my nipples growing within my bra seeing the bath of this 15 year old boy.

Chotu do not get the towel wet. Pande-ji smiled while he said the above. Veena says, “To some he was a mother figure, for some it was a master-sevak relationship. During a trip home in a state in south India the same year, Veena first came across ‘guruji’ on a spiritual channel her parents were watching. Looking back, she says, “Life has taught me many, many lessons and I am very grateful for that.


They would suffer, suffer horribly. I had all the reasons to be happy. I mean is it a must? Madam, please come with me, no need to stand in this direct sunlight, let the line proceed inside the temple, then we can queue up.

He had thick beard and I noticed he had lots of hair on his arms and seeing that concluded he must be having a hairy body.

He was a teenager years. Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a tumbler in between his knees.

Trapped in a religious cult: One woman’s story of sexual exploitation at the hands of a ‘guru’

In the process I bent forward very faintly accenting my round bottoms towards the boy and he must have seen my fingers scratching my sari-covered ass to search my panty line.

Hey Chotu, soap your body properly. This includes their beliefs, peer pressure, fear or even confusion. Rupa dwells in the next hut Madam. Normally, after a session, he would hug a few chosen disciples.

Every disciple shared guruii unique relationship with the guru and all of them were strictly prohibited from discussing miking among each other. This included children, young, middle aged and old people. Wait then, let me come.

Guruji’s Treatment: Episode 14 – Shiv Narayan temple

In many cases in India and throughout the world, it has been well documented how such gurus wipe out evidence. I said innocently not knowing what Pande-ji and Chotu actually giruji in their conversation. They would repent, not just in their current life but also in their coming lives, if they did so.

As I pressed my blouse-covered breasts hard over his back, Uday turned slightly and smiled back at me recognizing probably me effort gufuji attract him towards me.

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If you weren’t bringing him business, you were of no use to him,” she says. Going against the guru is the greatest of sins, they were told. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl. Very peaceful and spiritual, bereft of any grandeur. From then on, I would clean his room every day. As he held her close, she panicked and ran out.

You are an absolute duffer. In my mind I thanked my luck that at least Master-ji sewed me a fitting blouse, otherwise I would have been in a more humiliating position with two of my top buttons open.

As Veena narrates this, she adds as an afterthought.

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As the years passed, Veena also realised how the cult was fueled solely by its greed. Madam, are you ready? Like Krishna found Radha and blessed her soul.

But she was summoned again, and the guru ‘explained’ to her that mere mortals like her saw ‘human mi,king, while he only saw the soul. Aravindan Balakrishnan a Maoist cult leader established himself as someone who could control nature and it was proved in a court in UK that he would first isolate victims from families, so that they never betrayed his secrets.

Now you go to the temple and offer the puja. I saw the boy was smiling looking at me and at the same time looking at my flaring hips time and again. It is simple to ask why someone would not leave a cult immediately when they realise they are in a wrong place.