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Quincy Ephriam Susan Sofie With a few exceptions each farm received a guzeat of six contemporary heifers, one of each crossbred group. Concentration in the food distribution sector also occurred.

El penacho de la cola es blanco, y las mucosas son rosadas. El registro de la raza es abierto y, como en el resto de las razas, el pedigree es llevado en el Herd Book Argentino por la Sociedad Rural Argentina.

These sires were basically unselected for milk yield Madalena et guserat a. Rib-eye areacm 2.

Dairy cattle genetics and its applications in Brazil

Important differences among grades were also found in herd life, following the pattern described above. The Criollo cattle have a history dating back to nearly years on the continent.

Las vacas son fuertes productores de leche con buenas ubres y pezones. El morro muestra una mucosa de un solo color, uniforme y rosado, sin manchas. Combellas J Progress in methods for tropical cattle milking and calf rearing: Gyzerat he model goodness of fit was not tested in either study. Es una lecuero capaz de mantener un buen estado con poco pasto, y producir carne de alta calidad.


Vendo toretes Guzerat Lechero/Pardo Americano (Guzopardo)

Herdbooks are kept by breeders associations on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. No la afectan la piroplasmosis y anaplasmosis.

Profit per cow per day of herd life under alternative strategies of crossbreeding of Holstein H x Zebu Z. Minerals and concentrates were fed regularly.

Guzera Lechero | Cattle Cattle Cattle | Pinterest | Cattle, Cow and Livestock

La totalidad de los animales presentaron cuernos en lira. Hott et al There is limited preliminary evidence from the same station that Criollo cattle of highland origin and Brown Swiss may be more productive than the Friesians because their yields of milk are similar but their reproductive performance is better. Garantiza un producto terminado consistente. En el mercado europeo el kilo de esta carne cuesta alrededor de euros.

Su fertilidad y facilidad de guzfrat la convierten en la mejor raza para el entore precoz de vaquillonas con ausencia total de distocias.

Impala by Jens Hyldstrup Larsen. Traits related to the onset of the sexual function, Animal Production All cows were sold at the termination of the experiment, at 12 y of age or more, if not dry at that lechsro. A hybrid breed may be used with natural mating but would suffer from recombination losses.


The mean milk yields over the first six loctations were 4 kg, 5 kg and 5 kg for the three groups respectively, based on guzert total of 4 records. Lemos et al, Madalena et al a, The fate of cows entering the herd distributed females that calved at least once had three possible outcomes: Initially lecheeo six to ten sires per year could be sampled but this number grew to the present 32 as the commercial success generated enthusiasm in the breeders to sample more sires, and they met the corresponding costs.

A single sire summary is published including all programmes.

Descargar – Tri State SAS

The Criollo cattle produced less when milked alone than with their calves at foot and, although their conception rates were good, the relatively low proportion of animals pregnant again by days after calving was due to difficulty in detecting their oestrus periods Huertas, Corresponding fat yields were 0. There are some 40 pure breed studs providing young sires for sampling.

Milk cooling tank is present in most farms except the smaller ones, which generally use a collective tank for several neighbouring farms. El Simmental argentino es hoy una raza de carne de tipo definido y funcional.