This book on Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu’ contains all of the kata the school, from kamae to Ge Ryaku No Maki. Each Kata has the name in English, Japanese. This “modern” Densho should primarily be regarded as basic manual for daily training. The feature of this book is that the individual motion sequences are. Everything in Ninjutsu is the basics. Whether you’re just beginning to research the art, or a long-time practitioner, the basics form the foundation of your training.

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Luckily, this has changed in the past few years and there are now some teachers who are willing to break tradition and teach these things openly. But what is it rryu where does it come from? Any informtation before Takamatsu?

Gyokko Ryu Densho Takamatsuden Books

So since then, the Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu, follow the same lineage. You can also try Kacem Zoughari, who has done extensive historical research. Try the search function to see what’s already been said on Bullshido on this topic. What I have done is pull out a few references from the Gyokko Ryu kamae that specifically discuss known concepts of internal power training.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu Archives – Todai Bujinkan Dojo

Is this story true? Since Gyokko Ryu comes from China and is known as the oldest and most foundational of our 9 schools, it seems the logical place to begin.

Again, thank you very much.


Do you know where can I find “non-Takamatsuden” information about Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu? On one hand, the linear fashion of Koto Ryu would indicate something of a Xing yi origin, gyokok Xing yi itself is steeped ddensho legend and the exact origin of that art are also unknown.

Hicho no Kamae “This kamae has the feeling of storing up energy in the entire body, like a bird being wrapped up by a snake. And you might want to stock up on asprin and antacid before you try to sort this all out.

Unlike the Gyokko Ryu which plays more with distances, Koto Ryu is very close in gjokko execution and is far more offensive. Thank you guys for your answers and thank you for the advices, but, I am not interested in any Bujinkan propaganda. Most if not all Bujinkan teachers I encounter teach taijutsu yru and nothing else. Jon August 10, The name of the school, knocking a tiger rhuimplies that the techniques are for hitting a larger, more powerful opponent.

I appreciate your good contributions. Traditionally only the next soke was taught the Koto Ryu, whereas any student could have been taught the Gyokko Ryu. Throughout his vast amount of written and video resources, Hatsumi Sensei has gradually released a large amount of material from the densho of the various Bujinkan schools.

Togakure Ryu, as you know, can’t be traced further back than Takamatsu. Originally Posted by Oniwaban. I believe he made-up Togakure-ryu, Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu with what he could had learned in China and then he combined with the lots of Densho that he collected during his live, but there are some people who affirm that Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu “can be traceable before Takamatsu”.


Gyokko Ryu’s Internal Power Training | Warrior Fitness

Gyokkl other information about this Ryu? It could also have easily originated from a monk, Xing yi being a popular Taoist martial system. Conditioning for Martial Arts, and since then has created numerous other online training and coaching programs helping people around the world become the strongest, most capable versions of themselves!

The bird opening its wings has a feeling of outward expansion, while the snake coiled around it is compressing. Combined, these 2 forces are controlled by Jin man in the middle and manipulated through intent. Leave A Response Cancel reply. When force is reflected back this is what is known in Japanese as Yamabiko, or Mountain Echo.

Don’t have an account yet? This classic posture of one hand up, one hand down splitting heaven and earth is seen throughout Asian martial culture as a way of codifying Internal Power training. More Posts – Website.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

There is no doubt in my mind that Hatsumi Sensei possesses unusual power in his budo. It’s up to you to make conclusions from there. Why Isn’t This Taught? About The Author Jon.

Koto Ryu is a hard natured discipline, so it really requires conditioning and tough training.