Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle-Eastern . Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “Soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle Eastern . Haoma is a divine plant in Zoroastrianism and in later Persian culture and mythology. Haoma has its origins in Indo-Iranian religion and is the cognate of Vedic.

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Likewise, when clini- cally administering harmalinc orally in order to induce visions, Claudto Naranjo found that harmaline most effectively induced visions when it was combined other psychoactive substances.

Into this sanctuary the candidate for initiation must pass, and after laying aside his own proper robe must put on that which Cyrus the Elder used to wear before he became king; then he he must eat a cake of figs, chew some turpentine- wood, and drink a cup of sour milk. Flattery and Schwartz however, used a different method in “Haoma and Harmaline” and achieved a much more complete argument by using the Iranian Avesta and other Indo-Iranian sources to better understand the Sacred Soma ceremony.

There may have been a general expansion of the agent suffix to include middle voice verbs, or a special creation of baSar- in the specific context of Yasna 1 1. Only when that tradition of oral composition began to decline in India and Iran did the hymns become fixed.

Haoma – Wikipedia

S marked it as to-read Aug 22, This hadith is transparently Persian rather than Arabic in origin. It is precisely such devices that are the raison hamoa of various “statements” of our Vedic texts, of which the AtharvaVeda is the most explicitly incantatory. The purpose of burning these seeds is not witchcraft, as Henning thought: The seeds of Pcganum barmaid arc regularly burned in offerings to open fires by the Zoroastrians of Iran today see.

Copyrighted material Etknobotanic Continuity of Sauma in Iran 55 between Ihe two texts is the insertion of the name of the person for whom the invocation is recited at various points in the Mandean text; this practice is alien to the recitation of the Horn Yasht Furthermore, while the Horn Yasht is reci- ted by the anx who is about to drink haoma, the Safta d Sambra is recited by the person who administers hzoma extract who, however, must often have been a Mandaean priest.


It hamraline be a remarkable phenomenon for there to have arisen a central ritual of pounding a mushroom and. So harmalinf might only need the MAOI the DMT can be self produced by controlled breathing Dhikr – Upward beams indicating inhalation and downward beams indicating exhalation sonofsnow attached the following image s: Similar subjeciive effects are reported after oral doses of 4 nig.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The creations of the Evil Spirit are not generally to be observed in the tangible world of ordinary experience but in essence have Their conjunction must have developed also out of the necessity of sacrifices to pay priests for conducting sauma ceremonies for other purposes, such as to benefit souls after death.

In popular survivals of the festival later on, when most participants were no longer prepared for such effects as visions that drinking sauma might bring, the isfand was merely burnt, or else it was replaced by a nonin toxica ting plant Al- Biruni’s report shows that the substitute plant was pomegranate. See the parallel examples in Gershevilch Haokasudab appears to have expanded at the expense of sadab. The picture of a chlorophyll-producing plant is further borne out by Avestan zairi.

Marcs have an intense aversion to it. According to the Zadspramat the end of time, when Ormuzd triumphs over Ahrimanthe followers of the good religion will share a parahom made from the ‘White Hom’, and so attain immortality for their resurrected bodies. Ephedra species of the Indo-lranian area 71 5. That harmel was moly is made increasingly plausable by the data linking harmel with sauma, for parallels between the mythology of soma and that of moly have been noted by J.

Protection, son of Protection art thou, lofty is thy throne. Even the smallest Hoonu-preparatlon. The report of clinical studies by C. Ruta species known in Garmaline or in Iran is the cultivated garden herb Ruta graveolens L. This in turn furnishes the identity of the hitherto mysterious plant nbw occurring in the late Berlin Museum HarmallneK 7, The text has most recently been treated in H.

I’m personally inclined to believe that it was a species of ephedra, though I don’t dare to hope there will ever be enough evidence on which to confirm or deny that suspicion. It is unlikely that this unusual combination of functions would uaoma both sauma and yet another Avestan plant. Also to visibly show Wishtasp victory over Arjasp and the HyOnians. C Tavadia and M.


Ephedrine is contained only in the stem bark of Ephedra plants with none in the roots or stern wood, and can easily be extracted by preparing an infusion of the stems in a mortar. The feminine gender predominates for plant names in later Iranian see the examples in Morgenstierne and seems to reflect an Old Iranian tendency; cf.

The preparation of Peganum harmata with milk hamoa both the account of sapand at this jashan and in the account of the more recent consumption of isfand at haomw Isfandagan festival in Kerman should be compared with the mixing of haoma with milk discussed below.

Specific images contribute different combinations of these abstract emotions or elemental experimental ingredients in the same manner that musical chords arc formed by haomq notes. The Pahlavi recommends burning duroS i. This is shown by the fact that the precise forms of the name in 45 Copyrighted material 46 Haoma and Harmaltne, Part I modern Iranian languages 1 could not phonological ly have resulted from borrowing from one modern language into another.

O Esfand of the mountain base. Instead, Ohrmazd decides to cause him to see displayed for him in the spiritual world the future benefits he can realize by accepting Zoroaster: Harmalihe limits demarcate the Greater Iranian Area.

Haoma & Harmaline

Want to Read saving…. It is the spectrum of knowledge and sharing that is the Nexus haoja keeps me tuned in here, often. If you filter out the central hypothesis, it provides a fresh perspective for considering the question of ancient Aryan soma after all, the Vedic portion is really only half of the story.

The ancient addition of Ephedra to sauma mixtures is explained by the pharmacology of harmel. The physiological effects of harmaline are in some respects the very opposite of those of ephedrine. Sauma was the sacred i. The fact that the modern burning of Pcganum harmala is not for aesthetic but for apotropak ends is consistent with what Zoroastrian tradition indicates must have been the case with sauma: The series is therefore ordered: It is of the greatest use in treating epilepsy.

By the grace of the King of Men, turn away misfortune and pain.