On the Criteria in Harmonics. What is the Purpose of the Harmonicist? How Highness and Lowness in Sounds Exists. On Notes and Their Differences. On the . Ptolemy Harmonics: Translation and Commentary (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca Classica Batava) [Robert D Novak Professor of Western Civilization and Culture Jon. Scientific method in Ptolemy’s Harmonics / Andrew Barker. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 0 5. 1. Ptolemy, 2nd cent.

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Harmonics and Power Systems. Views Read Edit View history. Gosselin inresulting in serious over-stretching of the Earth’s east-west scale in degrees, though not distance.

It is known from a speech by Eumenius that a world map, an orbis pictusdoubtless based on the Geographywas on display in a school in AugustodunumGaul in the third century. Philosophers Playwrights Poets Tyrants.

Catalog Record: Ptolemy Harmonics : translation and commentary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. Hyperspherical Harmonics and Generalized Sturmians. He relied somewhat on the work of ptolem earlier geographer, Marinos of Tyreand on gazetteers of the Roman and ancient Persian Empire. The maps look distorted when compared to modern maps, because Ptolemy’s data were inaccurate. Institutes, academic libraries, public libraries, specialists, students, musicologists, classicists, philosophers, astronomers, historians of science.

When switching from stadia per degree tohe or Marinos expanded longitude differences between cities accordingly a point first realized by P. Barker, now provide a basis for a more widespread discussion of this much neglected work.

Ptolemy’s other main work is his Geography also called the Geographiaa compilation of geographical coordinates of the part of the world known to the Roman Empire during his time. Size and shape were determined by the visual angle subtended at the eye combined with perceived distance and orientation.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Translation and Commentary by Jon Solomon.

hramonics The commentary offers a full exegesis of the text, loci paralleli, and citations of modern scholarly sources. It is, indeed, presented as the second part of the study of astronomy of which the Almagest was the first, concerned with the influences of the celestial bodies in the sublunary sphere.

However, Pythagoras believed that the mathematics of music should be based on the specific ratio of 3: Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

Equally influential was his treatise on harmonics, the ancient science which combined and brought to completion the study of philosophy and science. It is, of course, impossible to answer haemonics question definitively. Ptolemy wrote several scientific treatises, three of which were of importance to later ByzantineIslamic and European science. This is so even if one disagrees with Barker’s claims concerning Ptolemy’s methodology.

From inside the book.

In books 2 through 7, he used degrees and put the meridian of 0 longitude at the most western land he knew, the ” Blessed Islands “, often identified as the Canary Islandsas suggested by the location of the six dots labelled the “FORTUNATA” islands near the left extreme of the blue sea of Ptolemy’s map here reproduced.

As a source of reference, the Tetrabiblos is said to have “enjoyed almost the authority of a Bible among the astrological writers of a thousand years or more”. A History of Mathematics: Ptolemy, however, claimed to have derived his geometrical models from selected astronomical observations by his predecessors spanning more than years, though astronomers have for centuries suspected that his models’ parameters were adopted independently of observations. The treatise begins with Ptolemy’s study of pitches and intervals, for which he extracts both an idealized musical scale and a new acoustical tool.


Medieval European science Indian astronomy Medieval Islamic astronomy. The English translation faithfully reproduces Ptolemy’s style and includes all the charts surviving in the manuscript tradition.

Barker focuses on the part that is concerned with musical science proper I, 1-III, 3and more specifically on the scientific method it displays.

Catalog Record: Ptolemy Harmonics : translation and commentary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Thus explanations of a sort are provided for the astrological effects of the planetsharmmonics upon their combined effects of heating, cooling, moistening, and drying. The work is a significant part of the early history of optics [39] and influenced the more famous 11th-century Book of Optics by Alhazen Ibn al-Haytham. Latitude was measured from the equatoras it is today, but Ptolemy preferred [29] to express it ptoleemy climatathe length of the longest day rather than degrees of arc: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource.

After discussing modulation, he expands his horizons by applying musical intervals ptoolemy the human soul and celestial bodies, ultimately describing a cosmic harmony. Concerning the possibility that Ptolemy might have been born in Ptolemais Hermiou, Toomer writes: Analysis on h-Harmonics and Dunkl Transforms.