12 results for Books: “Harry Middleton Hyatt” Hoodoo–Conjuration–Witchcraft –Rootwork, Beliefs Accepted By Many Negroes and White Persons These. Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, Rootwork. 5 Volumes. [Harry M. Hyatt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I will plan to write a more thorough entry here on my blog for Harry Middleton Hyatt. This particular blog will simply address some things that are.

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Follow Us on Facebook: About Harry Middleton Hyatt. As a folklorist, Hyatt began this work in his own home-town, and then proceeded onward to collect magical spells throughout the South. In the bibliography of that book Schwartz noted that the2nd Edition of Hyatt’s book has “16, entries, the largest single compilation of folk beliefs relating to the United States.

Hoooo ends with a series of interviews Hyatt conducted in Florida in I didn’t discover that Hyatt also published this massive 5-volume set until I was in my 30’s.

Hyatt believed that the “golden age” of hoodoo had passed and believed that the marketers, the non-practicing white and Jewish manufacturers, had destroyed the tradition. Anyone interested in African American history, magic, culture, and hoodoo would truly benefit from this collection.

In the future I will expand on the topic. They’re discussing whether witches and hwrry belief that witches can “ride” a person in their sleep: Interviews were not numbered.


Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! However, I need to caution you. It was Hyatt’s realization that Negro magical beliefs differed greatly from his own English American culture’s beliefs that led him to go South and work on “Hoodoo – Conjuration – Witchcraft – Rootwork”, the largest collection of folklore from one cultural group in America.

Hoodoo Conjuration WItchcraft & Rootwork

Collette rated it really liked it Sep 17, The first two volumes were published together in the ‘s, the last three were published later. Although i began my own research into hoodoo in the early s, before the reprint of FACI or the first volumes of HCWR were published, i found Hyatt’s work invaluable from the time i first read it.

However, Hyatt should be commended on his attempt and the work he was able the record. Both editions were released harr the imprint “Memoirs of the Alma C. Newer Post Older Post Home. In the bibliography of that book Schwartz noted Feel free the skip the nostalgia and go straight to the review below The s field recordings have since been destroyed, with the exception of a few cylinders that Hyatt had pressed onto 78 rpm records.

As if to overcome the ham-fisted linguistic editing of Negro dialect that marred “Folklore From Adams County Illinois,” this time Hyatt transcribed the speech of his informants semi-phonetically. hkodoo


The Demoniacal: The Hoodoo Truth: Harry Middleton Hyatt

Meaning, when you are doing hoodoo then you pray to God and use the bible, then do what you want on the side. If you are not a Christian then you need to keep conjure work separate from your religious beliefs. Volume four hwrry spells using hair, fingernails and folk medicine.

Be the first one to write a review. Wayne Adams rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Listen to her haytt.

This be the verse: 8 ~ Hoodoo – Harry M. Hyatt – When churchyards yawn…

I recently read one of her books and I can assure you she is old-school, the kind of stuff that if you went to an old-school worker in your community would teach you. Kheti Sahure rated it it was amazing Feb 09, The Florida interviews ofrecorded on cassette tapes, have survived.

narry The final volume is a bit of a miscellaneous, covering spells using salt, nails, pins, frogs and various other things. Her name is Momma Starr. James rated it it was amazing Jan 12,