The Second Helvetic Confession (Latin: Confessio Helvetica posterior) was written by Bullinger in and revised in as a private exercise. It came to the. The Second Helvetic Confession was written in by Heinrich Bullinger ( ), whose life we considered in our previous article. A discussion on the Second Helvetic Confession of Faith. A source of information for deeper understanding of religious subjects.

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The Providence of God. Upon the whole, the Second Helvetic Confession, as to theological merit, occupies the first rank among the Reformed Confessions, while in practical usefulness it is surpassed by the Heidelberg and Westminster Shorter Catechisms, and in logical clearness and precision by the Westminster Confession, which is a product of a later age, and of the combined learning and wisdom of English and Scotch Calvinism. For we acknowledge them to be living members of Christ and friends of God who have gloriously overcome the flesh and the world.

We know what happened to Peter, and to chosen believers from day to day, and we know that the Apostle censured the Christians in Galatia and Corinth for grave offenses, and yet calls them holy churches of Christ.

Helvetic Confessions

From the beginning, God added to the preaching of his Word in his Church sacraments or sacramental signs. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Concerning this matter, Augustine, the blessed servant of God, many times argued from the Scriptures against the Donatists. Who does not see, therefore, that whoever contradicts and opposes this plain truth is rather to be counted among the number of those of whom Christ’s apostles prophesied: A minister should be lawfully called and chosen by the Church, and excel in sacred learning, pious eloquence, prudence, and unblemished character 1 Tim.

The apostle Peter also says: Therefore we condemn the despisers of the magistrate, rebels and enemies of the commonwealth, and all who openly or artfully refuse to perform their duties as citizens. We condemn the profitable popish doctrine of penance and of indulgences, and apply to them Peter’s word to Simon Magus: Therefore, in regard to evil or sin, man is not forced by God or by the devil but does evil by his own free will, and in this respect he has a most free will.

And salvation is improperly attributed to them, but is most properly ascribed to grace.

They contain all that is necessary to a saving faith and a holy life; and hence nothing should be added to or taken from them Deut. Moreover, Christ has fulfilled all the figures of the law. We condemn polygamy, and those who reject confeesion marriages.


Fools, when will you be wise? For we have jelvetic explicitly commanded: Concerning this kind of confession, the Apostle James says: For the Lord said to the man he healed of palsy: Meanwhile, since the powers of the flesh and the remnants of the old man are not so efficacious that they wholly extinguish the work of the Spirit, for that reason the faithful are said to be free, yet so that they conffession their infirmity and do not glory at all in their free will.

In this whole matter we agree with St.

Helvetic Confessions – Wikipedia

Wherefore we condemn all impious utterances of some who wrongly use the preaching of the Gospel and say that it is easy to return to God. And this is true repentance, namely, a sincere turning to God and all good, and earnest turning away from the devil and all evil.

God had friends even outside of the Jewish people. Moreover, the Church Militant upon the earth has always had many particular churches. But they were so cojfession and weakened that they no longer can do what they could before the fall.

Therefore the Church cannot have any other head besides Christ. We believe and teach that Christ is the only Redeemer of the whole world, in whom confessiin are saved that were saved before the law, under the law, and under the gospel, or will yet be saved to the end of the world John x.

Properly speaking, God alone justifies and justifies only for Christ’s sake, not imputing to us our sins, but the righteousness of Christ.

The Second Helvetic Confession, A. D.

But if I am in the number of the reprobate, no faith or repentance will help me, since the decree of God cannot be confsesion. For as the apostles did not contradict themselves in doctrine, so the apostolic men did not set forth things contrary to the apostles. But we hold that the interpretation of the Scripture to be orthodox and genuine which is gleaned from the Hellvetic themselves from the nature of the language in which they were written, likewise according to the circumstances in which they were set cnofession, and expounded in the light of and unlike passages and of many and clearer passages and which agree with the rule of faith and love, and contributes much to the glory of God and man’s salvation.

He has strictly forbidden his apostles and their successors to have any primacy and dominion in the Church.

For we accept believingly and reverently the ‘communication of properties,’ which is deduced from the Scriptures and employed by the ancient Church in explaining and harmonizing seemingly contradictory passages. Christ is the end of the law, and redeemed us from the curse of the law Rom.


It will be sufficient if we leave everything to the governance of divine concession, and we will not have to worry about anything or do anything.

Helvetic Confession

Angels are ministers of God Psa. Yet, on the other hand, we must beware cknfession we do not attribute too much to ministers and the ministry; remembering here also the words of the Lord in the Gospel: Helgetic no one can be lawfully forbidden to return from human custom to the ancient constitution of the Church of Christ.

It is the matured fruit of the preceding symbolical labors of Bullinger and the Swiss Churches. It is a reward of grace, not of merit. For we teach and believe that this Jesus Christ our Lord is the unique and eternal Savior of the human race, and thus helbetic the whole world, in whom by faith are saved all who before the law, under the law, and under the Gospel were saved, and however many will be helvetif at the end of the world. He showed it to Peter Martyr, who fully consented to it, shortly hevetic his death Nov.

In subsequent times other names were introduced, as patriarchs, archbishops, metropolitans, archpresbyters, deacons, and subdeacons, etc. He instituted for the instruction of the people the preaching of the Gospel, and the sacraments, but not images. Of the Holy Supper of our Lord. And since discipline is an absolute necessity in the Church and excommunication was once used in the time of the early fathers, and there conffssion ecclesiastical judgments among the people of God, wherein this discipline was exercised by wise and godly connfession, it also falls to ministers to regulate this discipline for edification, according to the circumstances of the time, public state, and necessity.

And the Lord who taught us to pray and at the same time to confess our sins said: Whence the Church of God may be termed invisible; not because the men from whom the Church is gathered are invisible, but because, being hidden from our eyes and known only to God, it often secretly escapes human judgment. We reject the error of the Donatists, who make the efficacy of the preaching and the sacraments to depend on the moral character of the minister.

We therefore confess and teach with a loud voice: Moreover, we confessuon a charge from the apostles of Christ “ti shun the worship of idols” I Cor. He enables us to fulfill the law, and his righteousness and obedience are imputed to us through faith.