The Herbie Hancock Collection (Artist Transcriptions. Piano) [Herbie Hancock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Artist Transcriptions). This one is from Herbie’s classic Maiden Voyage album. The piece is constructed of rubato head and jazz waltz solo section. The Eb-7/F (F. This isn’t the flashiest Herbie I’ve heard (compared to his solo on “No More Blues” Labels: #ttmusic Blue Note Herbie Hancock Transcriptions.

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These broke very often and I needed a lot of replacement tines within the 1st 2 years of ownership. Too often, I disagree with the voicings and it’s also a very tough balance to notate something in a legible form rhythm-wise, whilst getting across the swing or lilt of a phrase that is played well behind the beat.

Never got around to that one. Would kill for your transcription of ‘Actual Proof’ solo, I’m playing this tune for my college fusion ensemble this semester in about 10 weeks and that would be so helpful.!! Learning someone else’s solo note for note defeats the whole idea of jazz, which should be a spontaneous dialogue between the players.

Transcriptions – Little One by Herbie Hancock – submitted by HalfNelson

Thank you for this. Their inner experience of a “rhythmic bed” is much more hidden or covert. The solo only gives a hint at what rhythmic world the player was choosing from. I won’t be stopping any time soon. I suppose it counts as a prototype if he had it modified to have the effects loop jacks before they were added to the production model.


Also when are we going to see Actual Proof and Shiftless Shuffle in a video or book? The key to all Herbie solos or any other transdriptions jazz pianist, for that matter is that not only do you have to find the notes, you have to nail the feel and the dynamics, the phrasing too.


Here’s ‘Sun Touch’ just in case you’re interested in figuring out a particular voicing or lick. Rhythm is greatly understudied in my opinion.

This was most evident Sunday. Having to transcribe Charlie Parker solos was a scarry thought for a 19 year old kid.


Switch to Threaded Mode. Check out this track from Musicale Gold Member Registered: It is interesting to observe the relationship between instrument maker and the development of music. Essential especially with Herbie’s Rhodes stuff.

Too often you see note-for-note videos, where the transcriber just plays transcription notes and completely ignores the time feel. I am missing the other elements of the bigger picture as you said – but am I a better player for studying Herbie’s music in such detail?

Can’t wait to see more. How long did this take to accomplish?

Since I used mixers, I used EV speakers. Thanks I don’t take it as such, I think we’re both of the same opinion! I have played with a very large number of equally diversified musicians over my career. Tom — what you’re saying about mods sounds right rranscriptions me — I actually went through the article looking for comments from the tech, but didn’t see them.


Ideally I’d spend time looking at the rhythm section hzncock in fact, I’ve transcribed Sly completely including the bass and drums but most of the time it’s just the Rhodes I examine.

Yeah that Paul Desmond is a masterpiece. When musicians solo, they are most definitely not hearing the same rhythms that another person is hearing. But the first time I believe is at the 7: A talented player and builder.

A Horizontal Search, by Kevin Sun: Herbie Hancock on “Riot”

I can tell you, that playing with them, backs this belief of mine up. I’ve got a second suitcase I use for gigs but it’s a very different sound despite being an identical model – the only difference I can see that’s causing the difference is the hammer tips square vs non-square. Lets see you do it.