Sept. · · · · · © Hermann Detering. Powered by WordPress | Theme: Graphy von Themegraphy. René Salm has so far compiled 26 web pages addressing Hermann Detering’s “ new” argument for Christian origins involving influences from. In the Fall issue of The Journal of Higher Criticism, an author named Herman Detering offers an item titled The Falsified Paul. The dedication tells the story.

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Detering gives credence to Edwin Johnson, an author writing in who supported the Christ myth thesis, and who also claimed that the historical period that was once erroneously called the “Dark Ages” was merely a fabrication [88ff].

The Fabricated Paul. Early Christianity In The Twilight.

This series of posts has the following goals: Louis Doyle rated it really liked it Oct 25, Detering takes the attacks of the Pseudo-Clementines as literal and historical, and suggests that the hedmann of the Pseudo-Clementines are correct in making “Simon Magus” a proxy for Paul hwrmann Tarsus[3] with Paul originally been detested by the church, and the name changed when Paul was rehabilitated by virtue of forged Epistles correcting the edtering ones.

Dein Aug steht der Mandel entgegen. The Visionary, Miracle Worker, and Missionary. The usual argument is offered about 1 Thess. Also, if Paul has been told that he had a job to do by the Risen Jesus, it hardly makes sense for him to immediately go back home where he will likely be executed or imprisoned.


Detering is also unaware of the rhetorical pathos of passages like Gal. Und nun soviel Licht.

Steffen rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Vieles, was im Netz angeboten wird, wurde weggelassen. Page numbers are for the English. Paul as a Schoolmaster?

Skip to primary content. Marcion was the true author of the Pauline epistles [90].

Hermann Detering, Falsified Paul: A critique

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Robert Rey Black rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Aber unsere Toten sind nicht tot, sie leben et lux perpetua lucet eis.

Hermann Detering born [1] is a Berlin pastor, and critic of Paul’s authorship of the Pauline epistles in the line of radical criticism. Moogy rated it liked it Jul 22, Freeing detring from the power of the demiurge: O du lieber Augustin. Da steht er und steht. Thus, the 24 posts they have already been drafted should take 3—6 months to upload.

Eigentlich waren wir eingestellt auf das Ritual des Todes. Springe zum Inhalt Glauben Sie eigentlich an Gott? His case against Pauline authenticity is a failure, and shall remain so. Jaidyn rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Alles, was unser eigenes Werk ist.


My eBook Buddhist and Christian Parallels presents the many similarities in teachings and ethics between the two religions. Note that a pilgrimage to one of Judaism’s holiest sites by one of its most strident devotees is hardly implausible. Note as well that there is no contradiction between issues of honor and Christian teachings of humility.

Ransom redemption theology can only be coherently thought-out at last, at the price of heresy p. Wovon distanziert sich Suhrkamp eigentlich?

Hermann Detering

In terms of arguing for ahistoricity, Detering spends more time objecting to how commentators add drama to the scene with their own colorful descriptions than he does actually addressing the narrative.

Further analysis of Galatians shows Detering has not availed himself of the honor-shame dialectic being presented there, which resolves all his claims of problems which cause him to decree Gal.

Shall we look for another? The Catholic Church avoided disparaging the god of the Jews in such a way that would prevent appropriating the Jewish religion.