This study was carried out to measure the optimum growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and the best time to crop under maximum utilization of. Biology. Hardly anything is known about the biology of this species (Ref. ). Maximum reported size for West Africa: mm TL (Ref. ). Trusted. Information about the classification of Heterobranchus bidorsalis. Includes facts, pictures and articles.

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Spatial and temporal variations of some heavy metals in water, sediment and Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, from ologe lagoon, lagos, Nigeria.

You can sponsor this page. Fish that were sacrificed after the harvest contained appreciable quantities of abdominal fat.

Views Read Edit View history. Sublethal effects of cadmium on some selected haematological parameters of heteroclarias A Hybrid of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and Clarias gariepinus.

This study is aimed at evaluating the potentials for culturing Heterobranchus bidorsalis to commercial size and using simple regression technique equation to determine the relationship between the body weight of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and the number of weeks of growth with a view of determining the optimum growth and the best time to crop under maximum utilization of feed in semi-intensive pond condition.

Bore-hole water with an alkalinity of These include fast growth rate, high resistance to disease, tolerance to adverse environmental conditions, ability to feed on wide range of feed and capacity to withstand low pH and oxygen Fagbenro et al. Several investigators have recently demonstrated that Heterobranchus bidorsalis can be grown to commercial size in various types of culture systems Madu et al. Studies on Heterobranchus species in Nigeria focused on stock and chromosome manipulations, performances of intraspecific hybrids and growth performances at different dietary compositions in indoor and outdoor concrete tanks Madu et al.


The parameters are water temperature measured with mercury-in-glass thermometer. Types of hormone administered and their extraction: Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: The following water quality parameters were measured during the study period; temperature, dissolved oxygenpH and total ammonia-nitrogen. This is particularly important in the culture of acceptable fish species Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus sp.

Hatchery raised gravid broodstocks were selected geterobranchus Lagos State University hatchery. Survival rate, specific growth rate and condition factor of fish species were also determined. The linear regression relationship between body weight and the number of weeks of growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis was calculated using this formula Uzoagulu, Estimates of some properties based on models Phylogenetic diversity index Ref.

While the lowest values The last set of heterobrancuhs bowls contained eggs from female H. Eighteen circular flow-through tanks were used as experimental culture system. Abstract This study was conducted to assess the reproductive performance, growth rate and nutrient utilization capacities of pure breed Heterobranchus bidorsalis H. The milts from one H. The pH ranged between 7. The percentage data were transformed to arc sin values before analysis Zar, The eggs hatched after h and the larvae were allowed to absorb their yolks for three days while heterobrranchus in the incubation tanks.

The protein requirements of most countries cannot be adequately met by poultry and livestock food. Average daily growth, SGR: Nutrient composition of commercial feed Catco fish Concentrate-Coppens fed to frys of pure and hybrid catfish Each kg of the diet contained: The body and fins may have spots.

ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. Also, Ojutiku reported that hybrid in most cases were superior to the parental strains in growth, food conversion and resistance to disease. Studies on growth performance and feed utilization of two Clariid catfish and their hybrid reared under different culture systems.


We believe that feeding practices can be refined to provide more efficient conversion ratios without reducing growth rates. Survival rate was also calculated using the equation below Adebayo, The fish were kept in the rearing tanks to allow them recover from stress due to transportation and acclimatized them to their new environment.

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The highest values for WG 5. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Food conversion ratio, PER: Factors influencing the growth of trout fry. Before stocking, parasites and invertebrate predators were eliminated by the addition of quicklime to the tank bottom at the rate of g m The private sector sees it as huge investment potential which is yet to be fully maximized.

Optimum Growth Determination of Heterobranchus bidorsalis in Earthen Ponds

heterobranvhus This is in agreement with the findings of Adebayo who reported that heterobbranchus of C. Mean specific instantaneous growth rates SGR estimated as percentage increase in weight per growth period of Heterobranchus bidorsalis was calculated at the end of each growth period using the formula:.

High initial specific growth rates that decrease with increasing age and individual fish biomass and consequent increased metabolic costs followed typical pattern of fish growth Kerby et al. This high demand of the clariids resulted in generally high prices which serve as an added inducement to would-be fish farmers or groups interested in commercial fish culture. Superclass Gnathostomata jawed vertebrates.

However, the results of this studies is not in agreement with the studies by Ndome et al. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support.