The ROTINA from Hettich is a high-capacity, general-purpose benchtop centrifuge offering versatility in a small footprint. It provides robust, long lasting. Technische Daten. Hersteller. Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG. D Tuttlingen. Modell. ROTINA ROTINA R. Typ. Hettich Refrigerated Centrifuge ROTINA R, Benchtop, Heating/Cooling. Product Code: HETT Supplied without rotor. Maximum Capacity: 4 x mL.

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Insert Hettich for 11 x 8.

Wherever centrifuges are incorporated to working processes, they httich to deliver good separation results quickly and safely. Its size and performance make it the ideal bench top centrifuge for most clinical, reaearch and industrial laboratories.

We have the right accessories for you!

High to Low Price: Any vibrations from the centrifuges are safely dampened. Hettich Rotina and R High-performance, benchtop centrifuges, the Hettich Rotina and R offer state-of-the-art hetttich and easy handling.

Benchtop Centrifuges – Hettich – Rotina 380R

Samples with capacities of up to 4 x ml can be processed in these high-performance centrifuges with a max. Average delivery time weeks? Adaptor Hettich insert for carrier no. Sellers can be contacted directly for price quotes and other information. Alternatively call our Service Team on and select option 3. All rolling cabinets are of sturdy design and feature lockable castors and drawers locks. Adapter Hettich insert no. High performance unit supporting a wide array of accessories for multiple applications in just one rotor.


Insert Hettich for 8 x ml blood collection tubes diameter x hettuch for rotor no. A multitude of containers for cell culture can be spun as well as conical tubes 50 ml for the passaging of cells.

Hettich Rotina R Benchtop Centrifuges GB-C

Get in contact with uswe are happy to assist you in choosing the right rotor and the accessories. Opening the lid of refrigerated units will turn off the refrigeration so it will not use lots of energy when left on.

A quotation for preventative maintenance Help with faulty equipment. Insert Hettich for 12 x ml blood collection tubes diameter x mm for rotor no. Hospitals Hematological labs 380rr blood centers Veterinary labs Pharmaceutical companies Food analyzing labs Scientific labs in universities Forensic labs Paternity testing labs Environmental testing labs Cell culture labs. Accessories with bio-containment protect users from aerosols while ensuring optimal safety, for instance, while centrifuging infectious samples.

Please hsttich the following contact information and complete as many fields as possible. Carrier Hettich for rotor no. Insert Hettich for 20 x 1. Request a Quote 8. Insert Hettich for 8 x 1. Apart from that a vast variety of plates and racks for solid phase assays ehttich for cell culture assays can be processed in this centrifuge.


Discounts are available for multiple units at the same site.

Insert Hettich for 20 x 7ml blood collection tubes diameter 380d x mm for rotor no. Their high performance and advanced features set standards among the benchtop centrifuges in their class.

ROTINA 380 | 380 R

Centrifuge benchtop Hettich Rotina R for general purpose applications, minimum tube size 0. Chamber Hettich cyto-suspension for rotort no. Insert Hettich for 20 x 2. In addition to the standard laboratory application they offer accessories for specialty application.

Adapter Hetticy insert for carrier no. Showing 1 – 11 of 11 Items. Product Guide pdf 8. High-performance, benchtop centrifuges, the Hettich Rotina and R offer state-of-the-art technology and easy handling. Should higher speeds be required, angle rotors with a max. Hettich Rotina Centrifuge, Cat Condition: Insert Hettich for 12 x 8.