On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: in both settings—Normal (the new name. A stylish 2 piece designed to keep you cool when you’re working hard. Featuring a breathable mesh panel for ventilation, the HydrActive 2. Well Ive been doing some more research.. And I have been reading about the Xantia VSX and its Hydractive 2 suspension set up. I know the.

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The front and rear suspension circuits are identical but hydraulically independent. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It was this need that also drove the development of the 2CV ‘s interconnected suspension system.

The two modes are practically the same as on the previous Hydractive system: A hydropneumatic system combines the advantages of two technological principles:. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Whenever the Hydractive 1 or 2 computers received abnormal sensor information, often caused by malfunctioning electrical contacts, the car’s suspension system would be forced into its firm setting for the remainder of the ride. The driver can make the suspension stiffen sport mode or ride in outstanding comfort soft mode.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The orange LDS fluid in Hydractive cars is also incompatible with other fluids. Nitrogen is used as the trapped gas to be compressed, since it is unlikely to cause corrosion.


Anti dive suspension is incorporated The rear brakes take their fluid from the rear suspension which pulls the tail down under heavy braking. A hydropneumatic suspension operates at ideal angles at all times and under all conditions. The self-levelling system ensures that there is always the same suspension travel available irrespective of load.

Hydractive 2

The high pressure pump, powered by the engine, pressurizes the hydraulic fluid LHM and an accumulator sphere maintains a reserve of hydraulic power. I see it’s back in News. Damping is provided by a two-way ‘leaf valve’ in the opening of the sphere. The suspension system usually features both self-leveling and driver-variable ride heightto provide extra clearance in rough terrain.

A nitrogen reservoir with variable volume yields a spring with non-linear force-deflection characteristics. Spheres once had a threaded plug on top for recharging. Although auto manufacturers understood the inherent advantages over steel springs, there were two problems.

This results in a suspension which is extremely soft in its initial movement far softer than a steel spring hyrractive which becomes harder and harder as it is compressed far stiffer than a steel spring.

Because the pressure there is proportional to the load, so is the braking power.

LHM, being a mineral oil, absorbs only an infinitesimal proportion of moisture, plus it contains corrosion inhibitors.

Rear brakes are powered from the rear suspension spheres.

Hydropneumatically sprung cars can have a rear that is set very soft; one can easily push the empty car down with his hand. The center sphere 1 is now supplied directly from the height corrector in soft mode. Height corrector, brake master valve and steering valve spools, and hydraulic pump pistons have extremely small clearances 1—3 micrometres with their cylinders, permitting only a very low leakage rate.


No Slugomatics Modern Junk: This is because of the inherent properties of a gas: Retrieved 12 June Additional benefits include an absence of diagonal pitching, the constant ride height ensures headlamp beams are always properly aligned, irrespective of load and aerodynamics remain unaffected by load thanks to a constant angle of attack. Some older cars had a separate front brake accumulator on power steering models. Front to rear brake line 3. Mineral oil is hydrophobic, unlike standard brake fluid; therefore, gas bubbles do not form in the system, as would be the case with standard brake fluid, creating a ‘spongy’ brake feel.

Hydropneumatic suspension – Wikipedia

Silver Cloud or Silver Shadow? It powers the front brakes first, prioritised via a security valve, and depending on type of vehicle, can power the steering, clutch, gear selector, etc. Since the system recirculates fluid continually through the reservoir, all the fluid was repeatedly exposed to the air and its moisture content.