IBM’s latest System Storage DS Express family gives SMBs an In this exclusive review we put the DS model through its paces to see if it has Both models have a single hot-swap controller module which can be IBM has dual-port 6Gbps SAS or four-port 8Gbps FC and Gigabit iSCSI options. Page 1 of 2 IBM System Storage DS Express review. 1. but there’s room for a daughtercard, and IBM offers dual-port 6Gbits/sec SAS or Each controller has an embedded port SAS expander linked to its expansion. Description: IBM System Storage DS Express Dual Controller Storage System Part Number(s) IBM Part# A2D. Overview: The IBM System Storage .

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SAS host interface ports are standard on all DS models.

Maximum allowed applies to total quantity of 62xx, syatem, and 65xx features. This cable must be customer-supplied and is not available for storaeg with the DS Supported on dual controller systems only: Refer to the Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers: Base and Volume Copy: Four 6 Gb SAS host interface ports two per controller.

If ordered, feature quantity must equal two of the same type. Volume Copy is used with FlashCopy to create a physical copy of your data with minimal disruption to applications and production processes.

IBM System Storage DS Express DC Storage System / MULTICOM

This reduces the number of disk drives needed to meet performance and capacity demands, resulting in lower acquisition and operational expenditures. The DS Storage Manager maintains and controls the key linkage and communications with the SED drives, secures user-selected logical drive groups, and can even initiate an instant secure erase feature when servicing, decommissioning, or repurposing drives. Up to FlashCopy relationships per system. Feature quantity must equal two if ordered for a syztem controller system.


Controller firmware level Accessibility by people with disabilities A U.

Single or dual-active environmental services modules ESMs 12 3. Up to 16 Remote Mirror pairs per system: Supported on Model C2A only.

System Storage DS * 1GB cache, sngl ctrller, 2x6G SAS ports

Maximum allowed applies to total quantity of x features. The DS flexibility and options also extends to the disk drives. Disk drives are not included with the base model. The DS FDE engine performs encryption without a performance penalty, which allows you to achieve new levels of data security without sacrificing performance.

Feature PN 68Y is a corequisite.

RAID levels 0, conttroller, 3, 5, 6, and 10 Maximum volumes per system: The DS is available in the following models: These cables must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering syystem the DS The DS brings the following new functions into the DS series family: Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Upgrade 81Y Host Kits: The DS dc-powered model requires: FlashCopy volumes appear and function as standard storage volumes, and restoration of a FlashCopy volume is quick and easy.

IBM recommends using FlashCopy with cs3512 firmware v7. The following fiber optic cables can be ordered with the DS With these encryption services, FDE key management is transparent to day-to-day storage administration, making SED drives as easy to manage as traditional drives.


New 1746A2D

Fibre Channel, a mature and proven technology now available at 8 Gb, is the host interface of choice for high performance environments. Each feature includes two 8 Gb shortwave SFP transceivers. Using copy-on-write technology, FlashCopy volumes preserve data in its original form even as data in the physical wxpress volume is changed.

Refer to the Features – Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers. Up to disk drives are supported by a single DS storage system with attachment of EXP expansion units, doubling the scalability available, offered by the other DS products. Refer to the DS product documentation and the IBM Systems Support site stoage additional information on firmware levels and other requirements: Up to drives per system: This gives you the added flexibility to mix 3.

RAID levels 0, 1, 3, sustem, 6, and 10 provide you the flexibility to choose the level of protection required Storage partitions that logically divide a single DS into multiple systems to manage volume-to-host access FlashCopy and Volume Copy to create logical or physical copies of data for file restoration and backup The DS brings the following new data protection and data security options into the DS series family: This is a disk drive enabled for self encryption.