W zestawie znajdziesz idiomy zawierające nazwy kolorów oraz ich polskie Zestaw przeznaczony jest dla uczących się angielskiego na wszystkich poziomach. uczyş angielskich idiomów, zarazem bawiĈc Czytelnika. Kaİdy jčzyk ma stronie, na której zostaã podany idiom, znajduje sič jego polski odpowiednik, czčsto. Zbiór naturalnych zwrotów i idiomów angielskich, od średniozaawansowanych do zaawansowanych, przygotowany dla Ciebie przez studentów Instytutu.

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A state of strong emotion, excitement or activity. Your performance was amazing, you deserve a blue ribbon.

Naturalne zwroty i idiomy angielskie (+ Audio)

He was found guilty of blackmail and sent to prison. A film that shows people having sex. You really think you can sneak in wearing your jeans?

Humour that deals with sad, unpleasant aspects kdiomy life in a bitter or ironic way. No one wants to deal with red tape but everybody has to. A mean, despicable person. She won’t go out when it’s dark outside. A person’s intelligence, brains. She was in white heat when she was writing that message to Tom and now she regrets it. You don’t need to explain this to me.


I hate arguing with Janice. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make fun of thing that are so serious. My sister blackmailed me into cleaning her room by using my childhood photos and threatening to show them to my new boyfriend. Being the only one in his family who’s not a doctor Mark is thought to be a black sheep. I’m feeling a bit blue today. Iviomy list of people, organizations etc. You think I am mean? Ever since she started dating James she sees everything through rose-coloured glasses.

How can you believe what they are writing? I couldn’t take it any longer, I just had to wave a white flag. I just got so angry that I saw red.

A positive attitude that makes you fail to notice negative things.

Colours – English idioms and sayings

Come on, we’re going shopping. You’re white as a sheet. Blue laws are enforced in some of the European countries. A person who performs administrative work.

To give a special welcome to someone usually important.

She’s not plosko-angielskie now. A stream of words when someone talks so much and so fast it seems he or she will never stop. It’s better to ask questions than to mess something up.


Colours – English Idioms And Sayings → Rozpocznij Naukę / Ściągnij Fiszki MP3

Don’t say it was an accident! I hate purple prose. Things are looking rosy. An intelligent and well-educated woman who is interested in books and spends most of her idikmy studying.

Illegal trading of goods that are not allowed to be bought and sold. Something that costs a lot of money and is useless or troublesome. To edit, correct or delete. Why can’t people just cut to the chase and polsko-angielske only what is worth writing? I’m sick of Joey.

A time when there is no light or power; 2. A person who performs a manual labour except agriculture.