: In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Three-hundred-year-old Risika looks darn good for In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows) – Kindle edition by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . In the Forests of the Night [Atwater-Rhodes Amelia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Dell Laurel Leaf .

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But now someone is following Risika. It was a really great book which surprisingly was written by a 13 year old.

Tora, her Bengal tiger. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Three hundred years ago she was human. She is used to being alone. I didn’t understand this book. While it is definitely commendable to get a book published atwzter-rhodes fourteen, you still have to engage the reader and doing that has no basis on the age of the author.

In the Forests of the Night

One of the most interesting aspects of foredts vampires in this story is their mental abilities. Now she is a vampire, a powerful one.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Her twin brother had his own struggles issues with controlling his abilities with fire as well as the voices. After she was killed she then was forced to come Well In desperation and not wanting to die, Aubrey offers Risika his blood, which opens his mind to Risika. Atwater-Rhodes shows us more of a snapshot than a plot here, and it’s the kind of pic that ends up gracing a MySpace profile.

It was written when the author was thirteen, and it is impressive that it was published, but the writing was very amatuer.

I can’t wait to read about what else these crazy vampires get into Which up to that point she had in atwated-rhodes sense been trying to live a relatively peaceful life clinging to her humanity.

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I’m sorry if I sounded full of myself there, but its what my sister said You can tell she probably wrote it in a couple days and decided it was good enough to haul off to a publisher. I’m so happy I’m still able to love and enjoy it after all these years. The book is set in and around the author’s home town of Concord, Massachusetts and in the realm of Nyeusigrube.

Oct 15, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Plus a Tiger-loving vampy, a whole lot of talk about power and its origins, Triste witches sect very high up on their respective horses, judging by Alexander.

In the present Risika discovers that her archenemy, a darkly handsome Eeevil vampire named Aubrey who is evil, I’m guessing, simply because he can beis near and begins causing her great distress. Now she is a vampire, a powerful one, and her past has come back to torment her. Oct 20, Lynne rated it it was amazing. I foests the stories I have been told about Jager—how he flirted shamelessly with the virgin followers of Hestia in the Greek era, danced in a fairy ring at midnight under the full moon, and spiced up a ceremony performed by a few modern-day Wiccans by making the elements called thf appear.

The story flips back and forth between present day and the time when Risika was a mortal on the eve of her change. The story is about the life of a vampire ngiht Risika, and is told in two story arcs. Does he not realize he’s a vampire too?

In the Forests of the Night – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. First page in book after the poem.: It’s more about how her past has caught up and she must deal with it. I feel bad giving this book a low rating because I try to be nice to writer’s, as I am one, and in the author’s defense she was extremely young when she wrote this.

Can’t get into the characters. I’m debating about whether or not to buy the bindup of the first four books in this series on Amazon.

In the Forests of the Night

Forever is too long to live in fear. I was born to the name of Rachel Weatere in the yearmore than three hundred years ago. To view it, click here. Books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Her original hair and eye color were inherited from her mother.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I have strong opinions about literacy, education, and how our educational systems are treated- foresst enough that most of my friends know not to get me started on the subject. Added by 1 of our members. While it is not a very novel story and not very involved, it is well told.

The book was boring and short. There is the present day story that follows Risika as she settles into life, but is interrupted by the one person from her past that she cannot stand, a vampire named Aubrey. She has a strong understanding and friendship with a Bengal tiger she named Tora. Risika, formally known as Rachel, is a year old vampire. I won’t pretend it is really well written or extremely novel, it just happened atwater-rhode come out while I was a preteen and hit right when I needed it.

I so tire of those Amelia’s use of First person draws the reader into her ‘Den of Shadows’. I was looking for a prologue, perhaps, or something in between which, like, explains the legend and this new world.

Born as Rachel Waetere inshe was transformed against her will into a vampire, when she was seventeen, by Ather in and lives in the fictional version of Concord, Massachusettsthree hundred years later. As payback for the what her brother had done to her. Amelai Library Journal praised it stating “This first novel by an author with great ability and promise is sure to be popular. But I do remember scenes and moments.