Find great deals for Ddswb Indramat Servo Drive Variable Frequency AC 50amp. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Bosch Rexroth Indramat DDSWB. Same Day Worldwide Shipping. Year Warranty. Lowest Price Guaranteed. Call I have nr.1 drive DDSWR or DDSWD and MKDBGP0 -KN Drivetop support only version DDS/DDS

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Results 1 to 10 of I want to make a test with drive and motor. Both drive have DSS1.

Indramat DDS/DDS

What i need for test motor? Drivetop support only version DDS I have the cable for invramat X2 to PC but drivetop fails to connect.

Rastaban Thanks for help! Dds0.32 don’t know if these are available on the open market, I had one when I was an Indramat Service Tech.


To tell I would need the full drive configuration. The motor has a single turn, thus, non absolute, feedback of the resolver type, “G” indrmat the end of the type code, the “P” indicates a shaft with keyway, the “0” means no holding brake, the “K” indicates a terminal box connection, the “N” is no other options.


The DDS is not a “normal” drive for use with the MKD motor, that does not mean it cannot be run, but it would be an unusual combination. You can use Drive Top program to communicate. So, do you know the excatly code of the card that i will can use? Posted via Mobile Device.

DDSWB | Indramat | EU Automation (SG)

I have asked actually and it is available on the open market, but it was to special order and over 1k Dds0.32 I think. Not sure if it comes with cables though. What other card are you enquiring about? Originally Posted by NetblindPaul.

Have a nice day. Use the latest version, if that does not work use the older version, the last time I looked there were only two.

Please be aware that the RS is not true real time data. I was thinking about Ecodrives, sorry.

THe software we used to indtamat for DDS via serial was DDS2PC, it is a terminal emulation programme, so you should be able to use any terminal emulation programme as long as you have the right lead.


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